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Holiday Gift Guide 2015 with Born Pretty Store

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Hi guys, are you getting ready for the holidays? Christmas Eve, New year party and Thanks giving supper, this sounds so nice and cozy, but the one of the best part of these celebrations is presents :) For me picking up the presents is always a struggle! Please, understand me correctly - I love make gifts, but when I think about all these preparations and choices I need to make it becomes a real challenge. So for everyone, who has still doesn't know what presents they are going to choose for their girlfriends, moms, sisters and kids I created today`s post. I love reading gift guides bloggers` posts, they are always full of nice ideas and inspiration. I really hope my Holiday Gift Guide 2015 with my favorite beauty and fashion online shop Born Pretty Store will be a huge help for all of my readers. Let`s take a look at my picks! 

1. Sweet Heart Vintage Necklace / $1.94 - A very simple and elegant heart-shaped necklace, perfectly fits any occasion and any outfit.

2. Cute Animals Notepad Notebook / $3.64 - I`m obsessed with stationery! There can not be too many notebooks, pens and pencils. If your friends love to make their notes in an old way, these little notebooks will became a perfect present.

3. Tribal Inspired Soft Leggings / $9.09 - Keep your girlfriends warm, during the cold winter time. 

4. 7 Pcs Delicate Rings Set / $3.14 - The latest jewelry trend - a bunch of thin little rings to decorate every single finger of the hand.

5. Big Wings Print Women's Soft Shirt / $18.82 - When I saw this Angel Wing Top, I fell in love with it! I don`t know if I`m going to purchase it for myself, but my sister will look awesome in this lovely shirt. 

6. Trendy Girl's UK & USA Flag BackPack / $25.95 - I think it is an awesome present for kids. Every kid needs a good quality backpack, that will be capacious and good looking at the same time.There are two patterns available on Born Pretty Store - UK and USA flags, so you can choose the one you like more.

7. Tomato Girl Natural Color Foundation /  $5.36 - I know that makeup products are a very specific category of presents. But I would risk and gift a new foundation by Tomato Girl for my best friend, because not everyone have an opportunity to try our Korean beauty products, and I know that she will love it.

8. Cute Animal Hand Balm / $5.09 - Tender hands` skin is tending to get dry at autumn and winter. And it is not just because of the cold wind and low temperature, but the lack of nutrition and vitamins. Let your mom treat her hands with this super cute hand balm. 

9. 10 Pcs Set Blue Soft Hair Cosmetic Brush Set / $16.81 - Well, this is undoubtedly an awesome gift for any woman :) I bet every girl will love to receive a set of high quality makeup brushes, especially if they look so fancy!

10. Big Triangle Earrings / $2.39 - A couple of simple, but very stylish stud earrings.

That`s all for now, but to tell the truth, I feel the inspiration for another post like this :) And remember, it is not important what will you choose as a present for your loved ones and how much you will spend on this gift. Important is the attention and love that you are going to demonstrate! Don`t forget to use a special coupon code - LIZH10 to receive a discount on your purchase. You can click the banner below to start shopping for your loved ones  

Lots of love,

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