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Lovely Heart Print Sweatshirt / Review

I`m a huge lover of basic and comfortable clothes - a pair of simple skinny jeans and a loose tee is my to go outfit. Since I was a teenager I was wearing basic clothing all the time and everywhere and I still haven`t changed my style (even though I should, hehe). I was seeing this Lovely Heart Print Sweatshirt probably in every online clothing shop before, but when it appeared at Born Pretty Store, I though it was a sign to get one for me. And I`m so glad I did, because it become a great addition to my basic clothes collection.

Lovely Heart Print Sweatshirt is perfect for autumn to spring seasons, it has a loose long sleeves, which I like to roll up to three quarter. The colour combination is very simple, but classy - gray goose shade with a huge black heart on the chest. The heart in real life looks more light, than on the stock picture, but I still like it. A Lovely Heart Print Sweatshirt is mostly made of cotton with a bit of synthetic blend. The material is light and breathable, it feels very nice to the skin. I got a medium size, but it is a bit too loose on me, so if your size is between 36 - 38, don`t be afraid to buy size S, it will be perfect on you!

Lovely Heart Print Sweatshirt is currently on promotion and it retails for $8.46. You can use my promo code LIZH10 to receive a little discount and treat yourself before holidays. Hope you liked my quick fashion post, I`ll talk to you again very soon :*

Lots of love,

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