liz breygel beauty angel fashion beauty blogger casual street fashion style

Looking through fashion magazines and online fashion platforms I often stumbled across a street fashion style column, with pictures of bright young people in extraordinary outfits. I never understood the canons and rules of the street style but it always drew my attention. So, as you have guessed already, today I’m going to discover the meaning behind this style, how it appeared and what are the latest trends in the world of high street fashion.

Nobody knows exactly when the street style has appeared, it has always existed. But since the late 1950s, this style was recognized by famous designers like Christian Dior and finally started to influence the 'elite' fashion. Nowadays the street style is usually associated with youth culture and it is all about comfort and self - expression. Street style is never shy of bright colors, provocative slogans, or see-through dresses if it is all the part of your personality or group identity. The street fashion always reflects the traditional socio-cultural divisions such as class, race, religion, ethnicity, regionalism, or nationalism.

liz breygel beauty angel fashion beauty blogger casual street fashion style

Now when we know more about the style, let me show you my very own street fashion outfit that I created with the help of online fashion store DressLily. As always my outfit turned out to be a little Gothic and slightly grungy, but I think it is still pretty wearable. I wouldn't mind appearing in such an outfit somewhere on the New York fashion week and pose for Vogue snaps.

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