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White Lace - Up Athletic Shoes by Rosegal / Review

fblogger liz breygel shoe athletic review blogger pictures
fblogger liz breygel shoe athletic review blogger pictures
fblogger liz breygel shoe athletic review blogger pictures
fblogger liz breygel shoe athletic review blogger pictures
I`m a loyal athletic shoe wearer, and even though I know that I must grow over this phase of my life, I can`t force myself to look more feminine and start wearing something more girlish. At this moment of my life a choose comfort over the beauty for my wardrobe, but I`m slowly trying to push myself into an adult apparel. As a sport style addict, I would love to do something different on my blog today and review a pair of stunning White Lace - Up Athletic Shoes* by Rosegal - an online fashion and beauty store, that retails the most stylish and fashionable clothes at very affordable prices

The colour of this shoes is so pure white, that I`m actually afraid to wear them on a daily basis, because I don`t want them to get dirty. They are made of PU material - polyurethane material that looks and feels like a soft faux leather but with slightly shiny appearance. The shoes pretty comfortable, but note that they go with a foam rubber built-in cushions inside, so they are tighter than an average sports wear shoes. This cushion are designed to hold the foot on place, while walking or doing exercise, they are light and flexible. But these cushions together with a thick pair of socks `steel` a size, so it is better to get a one size bigger than you would normally wear. I got EU size 39 (I know I`m not a Cinderela), but my wide feet would be happier to get a one size bigger.

Despite of having laces, the Rosegal Athletic Shoes are pretty much slip - on, so you don`t need to unlace and lace them up every time you are going somewhere. The shoes have an absolutely flat soles and it makes them ideal for skateboarding, track running and exercising in gym, but I simply wear them on a daily basis with an ankle jeans or shorts. 

Overall, I`m in love with the minimalistic design and comfortableness of the Lace - Up Athletic Shoes by Rosegal. They are currently on 30 % sale and available in two `classic` colours - pure white and black. These shoes are perfect to stock up for spring / autumn time. Don`t forget to demonstrate your exceptional taste on the Rosegal Style Gallery, and win up to $100 cash coupon. Click the banner below and don`t miss the amazing Halloween stuff Rosegal prepared for all of us!

liz breygel Halloween 2016 with Rosegal
Lots of love,

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