a close-up of stempunk style necklace on a plain background

When it comes to jewelry and fashion accessories my taste is usually very moderate. Necklaces, bracelets, and earrings first of all must be comfortable to wear and easy to look after. Steampunk Angel Wing Statement Necklace* by the online fashion and beauty store Rosegal is exactly one of those jewelry pieces, which look bold and striking without too much effort.

Even though the necklace looks pretty big, it is very lightweight and feels very comfortable on the neck. It is made of lead-tin alloy and this metal gives a subtle vintage look to the necklace. As for the middle part of the wings, it is made of a marble-like material with a glossy appearance, and the composition of the necklace is finished by a few little pearls along with the wings. The length of the necklace is 45 cm (17,7 inches), though you can adjust the size of the chain to fit your neck and secure it with a classic lobster closure.

a close-up of Liz Breyge'l neck with a stunning steampunk style necklace

I want to admit that I'm wearing this statement necklace constantly for the past few days and I’ll be honest with you, now I want to throw away all of my boring clothes and start wearing only steampunk outfits. This gorgeous Angel Wing Statement Necklace retails at just $3.24 and you can get it online at the Rosegal fashion and beauty store. This necklace easily adds a veil of mystery to the most simple everyday outfit and I can’t stop wearing it. Don’t forget to demonstrate your exceptional taste on the Rosegal Style Gallery, and win up to a $100 cash coupon.

Lots of love,