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What's In My Backpack?

liz breygel beauty angel blogger review
liz breygel beauty angel blogger review
liz breygel beauty angel blogger review
liz breygel beauty angel blogger review
liz breygel beauty angel blogger review

Hi guys, I can`t believe I`m actually doing my first ever `What`s In My Bag?` blog post, but recently I`ve finally cleaned up the mess I`ve created in my backpack and decided to show off all the little secrets I`m carrying on a daily basis. I`m a massive backpack lover, I know that backpacks take a lot of space, and I`m not a student anymore, but I like an idea of having a free hands in public places. Plus the heavy weight is even distributed and backpacks are trendy once again. But especially I love to wear a backpack at autumn, because it looks awesome with a cozy sweater and a pair of uggs - perfect lazy outfit combination. This Cute Fox Print Backpack* is from Rosegal and I swear I`ve never had anything more cute in my wardrobe before. The backpack is made of a dense canvas material, it is super durable, but pretty soft and comfortable. This cute backpack features one huge inner compartment,  one little inner pocket and an exterior pocket for all the necessary belongings, so without any further ado let me show you what I usually carry in my backpack.

・Beauty & Skin Care

I like to carry all of my essential makeup items in a small makeup kit, just to keep all of the makeup in one place. Sometimes I can be out all day long and I need to retouch my makeup, so I always need to have an all-purpose kabuki brush and a few key makeup items, like this Mering Loose Powder by Nanda or my current favourite Macely BB Cream. A lip balm is an absolute necessity for my dry and chapped lips, so there is always a special place for the EOS Coconut Milk Lip Balm in my backpack, later I will post a full review on this product. During the cold time of a year the skin on my hands can get dry and chapped, so I always like to take a miniature of a Balea hand cream with me, it is always nice to have a soft baby hands. Keeping my facial and hands` skin clean is very important for me, so a pack of wet wipes and tissues are always in my backpack.
・Essentials & Accessories

As an owner of a long and crazy hair a couple of hair ties and a Tangle Teezer  are the things I can not leave my house without. I never forget to put it in my backpack a couple of bobby pins, just in case of a hair emergency, because you never know when will you need them. Even during the chilly autumn days the sun could be super bright here in Brazil, so sunglasses are a must-have item for everyone here, together with a bottle of water, which I also have in my backpack. I`m currently wearing Life by Esprit perfume, it is sweet and young fragrance and it`s perfect for everyday.

・Stationery & Entertainment

Of course, my backpack would not be complete without stationery essentials. I really like to write down some blog ideas, which comes in my mind, or simply some useful information, so I always take with me a huge A4 spiral notebook and couple of pens. I can`t leave my house without my tablet and a two pairs of earphones, because music is my air to breath. My tablet is very important and special to me, it was a gift from my sweet husband and I can`t live without it. All of my favourite videos, music and apps are here, by the way don`t forget to check out my Instagram account ;)

So, guys that`s all that I have in my backpack on a daily basis, I really hope it was interesting for you to read this post, because `What`s In My Bag?` kind of posts are my favourite to read. I wish you all a wonderful week, don`t forget to visit Rosegal store and check out the Black Friday Sale. I`ll talk to you soon <3

Lots of love,
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