a stack of cheap, makeup pencils in a studio on a plain background

Hi, everyone, it seems like ages since I have done an eyeliner review on my blog. That's why today I'm super excited to talk about this MeNow 12 Colors Eyeliner Set* and demonstrate the swatches. The MeNow Eyeliner Set comes in a tight box and includes 12 pencils 0,6 / 0.021 oz each. These pencils are twistable which means no sharpening is needed, but I really would like them to be regular pencils. You can use these pencils as an eye, lip liners, and even as an eyeshadow base to create various makeup looks, there are so many good shades to play with.

Whether you want simply to line your eyes or create a full eye and lip makeup, you can only use these pencils. For example, I like to use eye pencil as an eyeshadow base for my smoky eyes makeup, it makes the eye shadow color deep and intense. I also like to apply them on my lips with some shiny lip gloss over them. Unfortunately, MeNow eyeliner colors don't have names, but here is my short description for each shade.

swatches of the cheap makeup pencils on a light skin

Left to right:

001 - Matte black color, medium pigmentation;

002 - Sheer white with shimmer;

003 - Sheer silver metallic with shimmer;

004 - Sheer golden with shimmer;

005 - Bronze with shimmer, highly pigmented;

006 - Blue based matte red color, highly pigmented;

007 - Fuchsia pink color with a satin finish, highly pigmented;

008 - Cherry rose color, satin finish, highly pigmented;

010 - Matte navy blue shade, highly pigmented;

011 - Matte Forest green color, highly pigmented;

012 - Sheer olive green shade with shimmer;

013 - Sky blue shade, satin finish, highly pigmented.

a stack of cheap, makeup pencils in a studio on a plain background

The formula of the MeNow Eyeliners is different for each of the pencils from the set. Some of the colors are not so pigmented as I expected them to be, for example, the matte black pencil # 001 is pretty sheer and I like my black to be very opaque. The colors with shimmer are not very pigmented too, but you can use them to highlight the corner of the eyes, brow bone, and even your nose and cheekbones.

 I wish there were more essential colors in this eyeliner set, I was missing dark brown and matte white shades to create everyday makeup looks. MeNow 12 Colors Eyeliner Set retails for a great price of $8.59 and I think it is a very good deal for 12 multipurpose lips and eyeliners, it is a perfect budget variant for beginner makeup junkies.

Lots of love,