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Can you believe 2016 is nearly over? It did fly by rapidly and brought us a whole bunch of brand new fashion and beauty trends. Some of them were an absolute staple throughout the whole year, I still can`t take off my plaid hooded shirt and statement choker, but other trend were an absolute disaster. Clown contouring, glitter eyebrows and women loafers may have been very popular in 2016, but we all hope they`re never coming back in 2017. However some of them might hold tight during the winter season. Today I've decided to put together some old and new fashion trend that will come back or remain in the upcoming winter 2017.

As I mentioned in my earlier posts, the nineties will still be widely romanticize by fashion designers in 2017, we will feel them all the way through the memorable fashion pieces and accessories. Despite all the hate and bad reputation the turtleneck trend will be returning to us this winter. Turtleneck might be hard to pull off, but with a modern twist and feminine silhouette it is potentially a bad trend gone good. Another winter trends remaining in the 2017 are platform boots and overcoats, some found them the most 'unfeminine' fashion items, but every brand starting from Saint Laurent and Gucci to Zara and Topshop is sustaining these trends. Combined together platform combat boots and oversized coat make a flattering outfit both comfy and stylish.

fashion winter 2016 2017 outfits trendy stylish trends

As for accessories winter 2017 is all about Gothic crystals, grungy stones and boho tassels. Statement necklaces will stay around, yet the '90s thick chokers will step back and give their place to the subtle threads and chain strings. This winter will witness a return of a pearl jewelry with a vintage twist, so if you aren't a big fan of grunge vibes and metal materials go for a delicate layers of pears - class is eternal. A special mention goes to the wrap earrings and arm cuffs, they were the biggest trend of the season together with a single earring, at first they came out on the runways in New York and London and later confirmed as a trend in Paris.

These are the biggest fashion trend we need to expect on the winter of 2017, I hope you will glean some inspiration from my post and use them to create the most stylish and beautiful outfits. Zaful have prepared a huge holiday sale, so don`t forget to pick your favorite fashion items  from the shop and enjoy the free worldwide shipping. Happy holidays, lovelies!

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