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How To Apply And Wear Matte Lipstick?

red coral matte lipstick lips makeup tutorial liz breygel

Matte lipsticks are my favorite, they always look posh and elegant on the lips, but it can be complicated and tricky to maintain matte lip look. Matte lips tend to get dry and chapped and the application of matte lip product demands special attention. Matte finishes are the best for everyday and night occasions and today I'm going to show you how to wear matte lipstick and always look flawless and trendy.

red coral matte lipstick lips makeup tutorial liz breygel


First of all you need to prepare your lips before applying matte lipstick or lip gloss. Matte textures easily settle into the wrinkles, fine lines and dry patches on your lips, so you need to make sure your lips are as smooth as canvas. You can use soft toothbrush, white sugar or even baking soda to gently scrub your lips and remove dry, chapped skin. Make sure to exfoliate your lips regularly, because regular glossy lipsticks and glittery lip glosses look the best on a soft and smooth lips.

red coral matte lipstick lips makeup tutorial liz breygel


Our lips are very tender and have a thinner layer of skin than any other part of our body, that`s why lips loose moisture faster and easier. I have a super dry lips and need some special, intense treatment to prevent dry patches and the only thing that keeps my lips healthy is a Lip Sleeping Mask by Laneige. Using matte lipsticks can make your lips even more dry and chapped, so to prevent this inconvenience apply a thin layer of hydrating lip balm right before you apply lipstick. You don`t need to spend a fortune to keep your lips hydrated, just try to find lip balm that won`t be very oily or runny, the one that will `stay in place`. I prefer to use beewax based lip balms and my favorite at the moment is Visibly Soft Lip Balm by EOS.

red coral matte lipstick lips makeup tutorial liz breygel


Matte lipstick is probably the only lipstick that does not require a lip pencil. If applying accurately and neatly it won`t smudge, but I would still recommend you to use a lip pencil. Line your lips, creating a desirable lip shape with a sharp matte lip pencil. Apply matte lipstick on your lips and give it some time to dry and set on the lips. Clean up the edges with a help of foundation or concealer and a synthetic lip brush to get that perfect, precised look. To make your lip color last all day set it with some translucent powder, I also like to set my matte lipstick with a matte eyeshadow of similar color. Bold matte lip finishes can make your lips appear smaller and thinner, but you can avoid this by applying highlighter on the center of your lips. Try to apply powder highlighters like Hi Lite 'Opals' Palette by Unicorns, you can get three different finishes with this palette.

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