liz breygel bag review blogger fashion grunge rock gothic backpack

I'm a huge fan of backpacks and rucksacks and love to wear them on an everyday basis. Maybe some of you might think that adult backpacks look immature, but I'm fond of the idea to place my belongings in one huge bag and having both of my hands free. Recently I had an awesome opportunity to pick a stylish and practical backpack at Zaful. This year is very special for this store and its team and all the customers, because Zaful celebrates its 3rd anniversary! To celebrate this special event Zaful hosts a huge giveaway and I’m going to talk about it in the end of my post. And now let's take a close look at this gorgeous backpack.

liz breygel bag review blogger fashion grunge rock gothic backpack

The Studded PU Leather Backpack* is made from a special PU material - a kind of polyurethane material that looks and feels like faux leather but with a beautiful shiny appearance. This backpack looks very similar to the famous Michael Kors collection of studded leather backpacks, but it is a lot cheaper and cruelty free. Backpack features silver-embossed decorative studs and a huge amount of different pockets - two big departments for books, clothes, and cosmetics, two interior pockets for tiny secret necessities, and one secret pocket on the back of the backpack. You can use this secret department to hide your cash, credit cards and documents.

liz breygel bag review blogger fashion grunge rock gothic backpack

What I really love about this backpack is it`s medium size - it is not a mini-backpack where you can't even fit in your cell phone and not a huge school backpack. But at the same time it looks petite, cute and practical. It is very lightweight, an empty backpack weighs about 1kg, it has an adjustable (60 - 90 cm) strap length, so you can easily fit this backpack on.

liz breygel bag review blogger fashion grunge rock gothic backpack

Overall, I'm in love with this backpack, currently it is my favorite item in the wardrobe. The Studded PU Leather Backpack is a  versatile backpack and it goes perfectly with both sporty and grunge outfits, holding all my everyday essentials. It is very easy to match this gorgeous backpack with all my day to day outfits. You can easily wear it with sophisticated outfits - ruffled top, leather skirt and a pair of classic pumps, or for an edgy look wear this backpack with thigh-high patent boots, tight bodycon dress and leather jacket. Add few accessories to accomplish your outfit!

Zaful anniversary giveaway, Lucky strike!

Listen up! This is a Zaful extra giveaway only on word-press! We’re celebrating our 3rd anniversary and you might be the lucky winner!

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How to win?

Every week, we’ll announce a random lucky number. The first comment will be marked as 1, the second will be 2 and so on~ According to how many comments per week, we’ll also increase the number of lucky numbers. It’s time to invite your friends to win a giveaway together! All winners will receive a $100 gift card each.

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