beautiful woman in an adorable summer look is posing in the middle of a field

In my humble opinion, midsummer (the period in the middle of the summer) is an ideal moment to revise and declutter your wardrobe. It is the right time for mild fashion changes, as the final half of the summertime is usually colder. Midsummer is also a perfect time to reconsider some of the fashion trends, which might have switched to something a bit warmer since the last summer trend alerts. Here is my little fashion summary with the three most remarkable fashion trends, which are going to please us until the fall season approaches.

fashion collage featuring a trendy summer look

Trend #1: Tribal Vibing

Together with the midsummer weather changes, I faced a little midyear blogging crisis. Call it a lack of inspiration and motivation, which I was happy to cheer up with a bit of window shopping. And the first, and my favorite fashion trend which fell into my eye was the tribal trend. It is kind of an exotic trend that combines some boho and ethnic vibes to it. It was inspired by ancient tribes and societies but adapted for modern realities. Tasseled accessories, a medium-length poncho, and some heavy jewelry are what you need this summer to rock the trend.

fashion collage featuring a trendy summer look

Trend #2: Adorable Ruffles

The second trend, which I suggest you incorporate in your midsummer look is the adorable ruffles. They can appear anywhere in your outfit: from the tips of your summer sandals, bag, or headbands, to the sleeves of your blouse or bikini bottoms. I love the delicate off-shoulder blouse paired with floral city shorts and a pair of pastel sandals. This look is perfect for casual summer meetings with your friends, or a romantic walk by the beach with your sweetheart.

fashion collage featuring a trendy summer look

Trend #3: Simple Stripes

If you are into nautical fashion, then you'll love the simplicity of the third summer look. I put together w white spaghetti strap top with black stripes on it, a pair of camel cowboy boots, and added washed denim shorts, which go well with the look. It will be easy to find a matching bag to this look: anything from a micro backpack, a huge canvas tote, or even a petite purse on a chain will go with this summer look.

The Takeaway

Well, hopefully, these three low-key looks will inspire you to try some of the latest midsummer trends. I always look towards something simple and comfortable, rather than stylish for the summer. And what about you, lovelies? Do you refresh your wardrobe in the middle of the season? Or prefer waiting until its end, to dive into the next period of the year with a fresh head?

Lots of love,