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Midsummer Fashion Wishlist | Yoins

It has been such a long time since my last fashion wishlist! On my opinion midsummer is a perfect moment for some mild wardrobe changes, especially because last half of the summer is usually colder and the nights are getting longer. Midsummer is also a time to reconsider latest fashion trends and change all those annoying accessories and unsuitable prints, that were inflicted by sloppy designers.

Together with a midsummer weather changes I faced a little midyear blogger crisis ( a lack of inspiration and motivation, so to cheer myself up I did a little window shopping. And today I want to share with you few of my favorite midsummer fashion picks, which I gathered with a help of  Yoins - an international fashion and beauty store full of stylish clothing and accessories for women. I did not choose random fashion items and thoroughly planed three gorgeous summer outfits. 

runway fashion summer midsummer outfit blogger set liz breygel

runway fashion summer midsummer outfit blogger set liz breygel

All three outfits are perfect for accessorizing with a beach floppy hat and lots of bracelets. necklaces and tassel earrings. My favorite item from this midsummer fashion wishlist is a Dark Blue Backless Playsuit. It is very simple, but the lace detail and breathable fabric make it really feminine and versatile piece. Onesies and playsuits are still in trend and they will stay hot till the end of the summer. Shop a stylish fashion playsuits online for women at Yoins and before treating yourself with any of this items don`t forget to browse the latest Fashion Activewear Sale online for women as well, we all want to look beautiful at the gym!

That`s all for today, let me know which is your favorite midsummer item and if there`s any accessory you are absolutely craving to get at the moment and I`ll talk to you very soon again guys, hugs and kisses 

Lots of love,
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