rainbow highlighter close-up on a rosy studio's background

During the hot summer days, I prefer to highlight my cheekbones using powder highlighters. Dry illuminators, shimmers, and highlighters are not greasy, therefore they are the best option for everyone with an oily skin type, especially during the summer. I personally have a dry skin type, but even my skin starts to melt in the summer's heat and I can't imagine using an oil-based highlighter for my cheekbones. 

Pastel rainbow highlighter is such a huge trend at the moment and as always I'm the last person on this planet to try it out myself. That's why today I'm going to review Rainbow Highlighter Powder* by a famous Born Pretty: an online makeup, fashion, and jewelry retailer for beauty enthusiasts.

rainbow highlighter close-up swatch on the light skin

First off let me talk about the packaging of this product. Rainbow Unicorn Highlighter comes in a thin cardboard box and immediately after I unwrapped the aluminum pan I threw away the packaging and placed the pan inside of a magnetic eyeshadow case. The packaging looks absolutely useless to me, but I’m happy about the fact that it is recyclable and it does not take too much space. The surface of the Rainbow Unicorn Highlighter is very beautiful and reminds me of the tropical ocean`s water. Stunning and colorful! I like to apply this product to my cheekbones and the rainbow effect makes me feel like a mermaid!

The formula of this Unicorn Highlighter is slightly disappointing. Of course, all of the pastel shades are very pretty, they are pastel, so the highlighter does not look weird on the skin. You can use all six shades at the same time or one by one, as you like. The brightest color of all is blue, but pinks and purple look nice as well. But the downside of the rainbow highlighter is its texture: it is too dry and chunky. It looks like the highlighter was baked for a better color payoff. 

rainbow highlighter close-up on a rosy studio's background

The shimmering particles in the product are too big and rough, though the final result looks nice on the skin. You can use this highlighter in two different ways: dry use, for a soft and dewy finish, and wet use for more intense color and more blinding effect. 

Overall, I wanted to say that it is a perfect highlighting product for anyone who is not afraid of trying something new and different. Thanks to a special baked formula this Rainbow Unicorn Highlighter will last forever and you can use it in many ways. What is your favorite highlighter at the moment?

Lots of love,