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All About Basic Closet Must-Haves

liz breygel basic fashion must haves wardrobe closet items

Few days ago me and my husband decided to buy a new bigger wardrobe, because we plan to do a little makeover in the bedroom. New wardrobe is perfect excuse to reconsider your current wardrobe and fashion style, especially if you want to improve it. I have complicated relationship with fashion, mostly because I don't think I have a good fashion taste.
My everyday fashion style is a mix between sport, grunge, casual and what is clean at the moment! I have a lot of 'home' clothes and pieces I simply love to much to throw away. That's why I have decided that I don't want to move all those awful pieces into my new wardrobe and as a result in my new life.

Fashion changes, but style endures.
― Coco Chanel

Unfortunately cleaning out the mess and getting rid of old clothes can be so hard at times, that's why it is important to carefully think on the decisions and don't throw anything in a rush. There are some important rules you need to follow while rethinking your old style and creating new closet. For instance, fashion trends come and go, what is good today tomorrow may become outdated. But carefully selected wardrobe essentials will always keep your style on 'fleek'. Few basic items will help you to put together any outfit and you won't need to think twice or spend time thinking on your look. Be sure, these fashion staples will never go out of style!

liz breygel basic fashion must haves wardrobe closet items

Basic wardrobe items for women should be good quality, but there is absolutely no need to spend tons of money on branded basics. You can easily find everything you need at budget online fashion stores. Don't buy unnecessary pieces, even if you like and want them very much. 

While developing your basic wardrobe try to be guided by these three simple rules

• the less in more;
• class is eternal ;

• in simplicity is geniality.

liz breygel basic fashion must haves wardrobe closet items

Here is  my personal list of 15 everlasting closet essentials every women needs to have:

1. Simple tank top 
2. Formal long-sleeve shirt 
3. Stretch straight leg pants 
4. Classic skinny jeans 
5. Classic blazer
6. Jeans or leather jacket
7. Knit sweater 
8. Basic t-shirt 
9. Pencil knee-length skirt
10. Comfortable pumps 
11. Flat shoes
12. Ankle boots 
13. Classic sneakers
14. Little black dress
15. Bodycon dress

Of course these fashion items can vary, depending on your personal taste and style. For example, I'm not a fan of denim jackets, but I can't stop wearing faux leather one. Try to choose neutral pieces, that will easily fit and complete each other, creating a beautiful casual ensemble. In my next blog posts I'm going to talk a bit about lingerie basics and some foundational accessories every women needs. Ready to start your shopping journey? I`ll talk to you very soon again, hugs and kisses!

Lots of love,
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