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Essential Rules To Clean & Healthy Skin

how to get flawless clear clean healthy glowing skin care tips routine

Hi everyone, today I'm going to be talking about an essential skin care rules to clean, healthy and glowing skin. These simple and effective lessons helped me to drastically improve my skin condition and always help me to outlive bad skin days. Maybe some of these rules will be very familiar to you, but for the sake of healthy skin today we are going to repeat them once again.

Balanced Diet

1. We all know the old and good saying - 'we are what we eat'. Our health, beauty and even our mood comes from the inside and from the food we consume. Especially for people with problematic skin well-balanced diet is vital to a clean facial skin. So I propose to fill ourselves with a bunch of fresh fruits and veggies which are good sources of fiber, vitamins and other elements. Forget about bad habits, junk food and drinks. Consult your nutritionist, this doctor will give you tips on healthy eating and exercise.

Here are few basic advices that will help you to organize your meals:

• eat the necessary amount of calories your body can consume during the day;

• limit intake of sugar, fats and diary;

• limit salt and strong spices in your food;

• increase quantity of beta-carotene and vitamins C, E, and A.


2. Water is a key to a healthy and beautiful skin. If we don''t drink enough water our skin dries and covers with small wrinkles and patches. Water deficiency is a way to an early aging and health issues. The average amount of water for adult is about 2 liters (67.6 oz), but to make sure you receive enough water per day use a Hydration Calculator. This website will calculate the approximate amount of water you should drink for your weight and lifestyle. 

Skin Care Routine

3. A reasonable skin care routine is super important for healthy skin. Well planned routine can cardinally change the skin situation. The main idea is to find beauty products that suit your skin condition and lifestyle the best and repeat it all the time. Of course your skin care routine may vary, depending on time of a year, but always remember about three main skin care steps : cleaning, toning and moisturizing. Consult dermatologist and after stick to your skin care to see the results. 

There is no need to buy the most expensive beauty care products on the market, just find those cosmetic products that will fit your skin type and age. Always use products with SPF, even if it is winter outside and there is no sun. Try to avoid skin care products containing alcohol and strong fragrances. Alcohol and fragrances can irritate and damage your skin, causing allergic reactions.

Clean Makeup Tools

4. And finally, one of the most important rules is to clean and sterilize your makeup tools. What's the point in clean face and expensive makeup products, if you are going to apply them with a disgusting dirty tools? Don't forget to wash your hands before applying your makeup. I like to carry around a spray bottle with alcohol, so I can clean spray my hands and brushes. There are so many bacteria, living among the home dust and feeding on our makeup products. Make a habit to wash your makeup tools, especially those you use to apply creamy and greasy products after each use. 

Certainly, there are so many other useful rules that can help you to improve your skin health. But I hope these tips were somehow useful and interesting for you. Please let me know if there is something I should know to make my skin better. I wish you all stay healthy and beautiful and stay tuned for more beauty tips on my blog. Until the next time ♥

Lots of love,
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