woman with a long, blonde and curly hair oisung in a garden

It is getting harder and harder to choose the best hair extensions because there are so many different options available on the market. A 100% natural hair may come from various locations around our planet. The structure, type, and durability of hair are different all over the world and it is not a secret, that the best hair extensions begin with the natural hair of the greatest quality. But what are the most popular virgin hair types and how to choose the best hair extensions, that will fit your personal needs?

European Hair Extensions

European hair is frequently considered the greatest quality. The sturdiness over time makes European textured tresses is probably the most popular and most searched hair for human hair extensions. Because of its structure, natural European hair is simple to style and look after the extensions. However, the amount and accessibility to European tresses are extremely limited. There is a very small amount of European tresses available on a hair extension market. That's why the cost of natural European hair is usually higher than hair from other parts of the world.

Asian Hair Extensions

Now let's talk about Asian hair, its quality, and its availability on the hair extension market. Unlike natural European hair, Asian virgin hair is not so easy to style. Asian hair needs a very special treatment in order to maintain a straight hair structure and attractive shiny appearance. Since the hair needs to undergo a lot of different manipulations it can easily break. While there are plentiful natural Asian hair extensions available, not everyone thinks about the time and money they are going to spend, while preparing the extensions for use.

Indian Remy Hair Extensions

Indian Remy is the best in-between variant for everyone who is searching for durable and easy-to-style hair extensions. Virgin Remy hair comes from the heart of India in its natural untreated condition and you can style and color it, accordion to your preference. Indian hair is available in as numerous different textures as European. Straight, wavy, and curly. 

Unlike natural Asian hair, Indian Remy curls are very easy to straight and they perfectly hold Hollywood-style curls. There is a lot of Indian Remy virgin hair available on a market - girls donate them, because of various religious reasons (associated with an ancient Hindu myth.) Remy's hair is less prone to create tangles, it keeps in the moisture, therefore the quality of such hair is higher.

Because of its naturally beautiful and easy-to-style texture, natural Indian Remy is the most popular choice for women all over the world, who seek high-quality tresses to boost their confidence and beauty. Even if your purchase will be a little higher, it is very important to purchase great quality 100 % virgin hair extensions, that will not tangle or matted after the first hair wash.

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