Brazilian Hair Texture Guide

Weaves and hair extensions become more and more popular among women these days, because they allow us to have long, beautiful and full-looking hair, with minimal professional care and effort. Virgin Brazilian hair considered a 'gold standard' for hair extensions. They are beautiful and have naturally smooth and silky texture.

Wondering what hair texture will be the best for you? Natural hair extensions should be good-quality: healthy, sleek and untreated. They should complete your own hair, beautifully blending in your hair style. Today we are going to take a look at some basic Brazilian hair textures, learn the difference between these hairs, their pros and cons. So, there are few basic Brazilian hair type structures and all of them you can find at BestHairBuy brazilian hair store. 

Loose wavy - Everyone know the 'beachy' waves hairstyle. It is the most popular and adored hair look among celebrities and hair style addicts. It can be pretty hard to get those loose waves, but the final result is so worth the effort!

Deep curly - Deep hairs curls are one of the most beautiful and luxurious types of curls. They look voluminous and very attractive and will allow you to get those 'dream' curls on your head.

Kinky curly - What an interesting name for a hair type, isn't it? Words 'kinky' describes a tightly curled hair structure or hair with a 'zigzags' type of curls. These type of hair demands a very special care, because it tends to get frizzy and fluffy.

Straight hair - straight hair structure is the most desirable hair among ladies, it has smoothed and softest texture and reflects the most sheen. It also has the most resilient and resistant structure of all hair types. Although, it is almost impossible to curl straight hair extensions, and they won't hold the shape of hair style long. Straight hair tends to get more oily, because natural skin oils can easily reach the tips of the hair.

Natural wavy - this hair type is usually more effortless to pull off. BestHairBuy natural wave hair is easier to maintain than curly or straight hair extensions. But some people may experience complications with styling natural wavy hair.

How many BestHairBuy hair bundles is enough for a beautiful hair style look? The number of hair bundles is completely depends on how long you want your hair to be and what is the hair structures of your bundles. Straight sleek hair tends to look less voluminous, than curly hair. The longer the hair you are buying, the more hair bundles you will need to get a beautiful and voluminous hair look. Remember the importance of using a high-quality human hair extensions. For more detailed information about the quality and other characteristics of natural hair extensions visit BestHairBuy social media accounts.