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Best Bob Wig For You With BestHairBuy

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Beautiful and classy bob haircut is one of the most iconic hairstyles of the century. It was created for the first time by a Polish-born hairdresser Antoine de Paris in France in 1909 and extremely shocked conformist society of that time. Ever since bob haircut and its varieties have been always in fashion, withstanding unbelievable changes. Passionately loved by Victoria Beckham and heavily popularized by Kylie Jenner, this haircut have become even more popular over the last few years. It is so hard to find a person, who never wanted to rock this neat short hairstyle.

Having a long hair and not ready for such drastic changes? There is one very simple and genius way to change your hair appearance, without sacrificing your long hair. Try out a bob haircut wig, made with a real virgin human hair. Whether you prefer a short bob aka charmed Prue Halliwell, dolly curly bob like Charlize Theron likes to wear or a symmetric and strict bob: this BestHairBuy bob wigs work perfectly on everyone. Now, when we learned that bob is very versatile haircut and can goes with any face shape, we need to discover what type of bob wig works better for you, your lifestyle and your hair type. 

BestHairBuy loose wave wig always look classy and stylish. A natural loose waves require a lot of labor: you need to curl and style your hair to make it look great, otherwise your hair might end up looking messy. But you can forget about extra effort with a high-quality loose wave bob wig.

BestHairBuy curly hair bob wigs are very cute and feminine! They are usually made of curly virgin hair, that naturally keep the curl. This hairstyle add a pinch of playfulness to a strict classy outfit, it is easy to style and always looks great. Short and curly bob works well to highlight more rounded facial features.

Long and straight bob wig works great with a heart-shaped faced, where the forehead is wider and jaw is narrow. This hair shape softens the facial features, filling in the excess space. With a straight hair wig you won't need to damage your natural hair every morning. Forget about annoying flat irons and tons of straightening products, substituting them with a comfortable and beautiful hair wig.

Banged bob is one of the most playful hairstyles! It was designed for the girl that is not afraid to be noticed. And even though, you might think that heavy bangs look great only on thick and heavy hair, you would be surprised to know that isn't like that. Heavy, long bangs add an extra volume to thin, light hair, balancing out the hairstyle.