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How To Clean Makeup Brushes Without Ruining Them?

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beauty big bang discount off code makeup review blogger
beauty big bang discount off code makeup review blogger
beauty big bang discount off code makeup review blogger

How often do you wash your makeup brushes? Dirty makeup brushes are more dangerous, than we think: bacteria love consuming our makeup products, making them the perfect breeding grounds. I know that for some makeup lovers cleaning their makeup brushes is the worst! But, at the same time, we can't run away from this routine, the only ting in our power is making this task more easy. Fortunately, there are few tools, that can make you love this hygiene practice and today I'm going to show you this Makeup Brush Washing Mat* that turned my brush washing routine a pleasure.

Before I tried out this silicone mat I was using a very old facial cleaning pad. The idea of this brush mat is basically the same, but it is so much bigger and comfortable to use, than my old facial pad. The makeup washing mat is made of a very soft and bendable silicone. The surface of the mat is texturized and features seven different silicone textures for all of your makeup brushes. You can use finer textures for smaller natural brushes and rougher texture for bigger brushes. The back part of mat has five suction holders, so you can simply stick this mat to the wall of your bathroom,  window or even table and forget about it till the next bath time.

How to use this washing mat? Actually it is very simple and fun! All you need to do equip yourself with your favorite makeup brush cleaner and go to your bathroom. Stick your brush washing mat to the bottom of your sink or any other comfortable surface, which you can rinse with soap and water. Pour some brush cleaner and water on the mat, gently 'massage' the bristles of your makeup brush on the surface of the mat and rinse it with warm water. Your makeup brushes are fresh and clean, just as new!

After I tried this pad for the first time I was a very surprised and even a little bit shocked, because grease and pigment dissolved and disappeared from the bristles of my brush in no time. All I did is scrubbed it softly against the mat with a bit of water. This trick worked with every single brush in my collection, though big powder brushes demand more water to rinse the soap. Overall, I can recommend this mat for everyone, who wants to turn boring washing routine into something more fun. This silicone brush washing mat is available in six bright colors, so you don't have to stick to a plain black color, like I did! Please, feel free to use a special discount code LIZE10 to receive a 10 % your purchase, while shopping at Beauty Big Bang. I'll talk to you very soon!
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