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How to Look Like a Beauty Influencer?

how to be beauty blogger lifestyle beauty tips

Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

Let’s call a spade a spade – we all long for that flawless lit from within skin, perfect even-toned complexion as well as slaying makeup looks. There used to be a time when we roamed the drugstores and makeup stores aimlessly, trying new products, sometimes hitting the jackpot and other times failing miserably. It wasn’t that long ago, but it seems like ancient history. Now, we have our beloved and trusty beauty bloggers, our gorgeous peers to steer us in the right direction, provide us with the best advice, tell it like it is, and often show us exactly how to get that look – God bless reviews and tutorials. It’s true, most of the members of the younger generation won’t even consider purchasing a product unless it has their favorite blogger’s stamp of approval. So, today, we are bringing you some top notch advice from some of the most influential beauty gurus, so follow them, let them guide you and achieve the looks you covet and crave so much.

how to be beauty blogger lifestyle beauty tips

The Queen

One of the first YouTubers who is still incredibly relevant to this day is Tati Westbrook. Not only is she one of the first beauty vloggers out there, but one of the most trustworthy ones as she is not afraid of getting on a brand’s bad side by honestly telling her opinion about products, and this integrity that she sticks with is what keeps her audience watching and soaking up her every word. Now, watching Tati get ready and review products is fun, but one of the most important things to learn from her is that beauty needs to be nourished from within. Aside from exercising and eating healthy, Tati has even come up with her own line of beauty vitamins called Halo, and the real testimonials show just how effective they are. Now, whether you decide to go with Halo or another vitamin of this kind, make sure to read the list of ingredients carefully, examine them, and always choose the ones with the shortest ingredient list as those have proven to be the most effective, and more importantly, the safest ones.

how to be beauty blogger lifestyle beauty tips

Photo by Alex Loup on Unsplash

Skincare FTW

In order to get a natural radiant look, a full-coverage glam look or any other in between, you need all your products – foundation, concealer and powders to sit well on the skin and not look cakey. Now, aside from choosing the right makeup tools and products that work for you personally, you need to ensure that you have a sparkling clean, well-nourished and radiant canvas so that the makeup can be something to play with and not hide behind. This year, in particular, great emphasis has been placed on skincare, particularly natural anti ageing skincare, as preserving that youthful plumpness and radiance is paramount. However, an increasing number of people, not just bloggers, have been turning to natural and organic skincare lines as they are safe, unlikely to cause irritation and free from all the potentially toxic chemicals. One such blogger is Liv, the face behind LiveLifeMag has called the Edible Beauty a ‘pure luxury bliss’. Not only is organic skincare safe, but it provides results, and products from this particular brand are so natural that they actually, as the label states, are edible.

how to be beauty blogger lifestyle beauty tips

Photo by Ana-Maria Nichita on Unsplash

Follow Your Preference

When it comes to makeup, we all have our preferences. Some want to live that full-coverage life, while others live for that natural-looking JLO glow. If you belong to the first category, you’ll probably want to follow the footsteps of someone like Huda Kattan or Nikkie Tutorilas who are never caught without a full-coverage foundation, concealer, baking and a bold eye look. Then you have the more natural types, such as Desi Perkins, who, granted uses a great number of products to get that glowing almost no-makeup makeup look, but she does so by using all the right amounts. Now, these, and many other women didn’t become beauty gurus overnight. It takes hard work and dedication, so if your eyeliner isn’t on fleek and your highlighter looks patchy and chalky, as late Aaliyah said ‘dust yourself off and try again’, because practice makes perfect.

how to be beauty blogger lifestyle beauty tips

Photo by Amanda Dalbjörn on Unsplash

Know The Truth

What most people are unaware of is that beauty bloggers (at least most of them) don’t spend their entire day with a face full of makeup. They’re here to test things out, show us how it’s done and recommend the best products, but if you follow them on Instagram or Snapchat, unless they’re headed to an event, they’re usually completely bare-faced. Why? Because even the best makeup clogs the pores, and they want to keep their skin healthy and luminous, so the lesson to learn here is – know your audience. Yes, mastering mad cut-crease and contouring skills is great, but don’t apply them for a morning walk to the grocery store. Know when to tone things down and when to glam it up.

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