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A good quality, beautiful and comfortable wig or hair extensions can release you from so many troubles. But who would've thought that sometimes maintaining a wig is more complicated, than caring about your natural hair. Unlike synthetic wigs, which never have to be styled, natural hair wigs and extensions demand styling, shaping and coloring. A proper care for your hair extensions and wigs will extend their life span and keep your hair looking great. No worries ladies and gentlemen, today, with the help of online store BestHairBuy, we are going to learn how to take a good care of wigs, hair extensions, hair bundles and weaves at home. 

The very first and the most important rules when it comes to a BestHairBuy virgin hair wigs and extensions is a combining rule. You can't comb wigs and extensions, as you comb your natural hair. Be very careful and gentle with them, use a special detangling comb to deal with knots. Usually a high-quality wig doesn't need to be combed every day, unlike hair extensions.

One of the biggest questions about natural hair wigs and extension is whether you wash them with a regular shampoo or a special cleaning products. Even though BestHairBuy wigs are made of a good quality virgin hair, you should opt for a specialized shampoos. Regular hair shampoos and conditioners have a lot of damaging chemicals in their formula, unlike special products.

Washing your extensions or wigs is also different, from washing your natural hair. Firstly, soak the extensions in cold water and shampoo and then use a special comb to remove soapy water out of the hair, always brush the hairs downwards. After, rinse the hair once again, until the product is all out and the water becomes clean. You do not need to rub or massage hair to wash your wig, combing with a special comb is more than enough to clean it out. At last, comb the wig, removing all the stubborn knots and let it air dry on a special wig stand. You can use a regular clothes hanger to air dry hair extensions or BestHairBuy hair bundles, they work incredibly great! 

Unlike straight hair weaves and extensions, their curly sisters take more time and effort to look great, but nothing is impossible!The most important thing for curly hair texture is a good moisturize, so if you want your curls to look bouncy and shine, keep your natural hair wigs and extensions well moisturized. Don't use any heavy products, like hair sprays or silicones, on your wig. It is more likely to tangle, become grease or dirty, rather than look better.

In the days, when you do not use your wig or extensions, you should store them is a proper way as well. Use a wig stand to save a good shape of the wig or a hanger to store the extensions vertically. Don't forget to cover them with a case or plastic to protect the natural hair from dust, unnecessary dirt or unexpected accidents. Avoid sleeping and showering with your extensions or wig on, if you don't want them to loose shape or be full of knots. You can find BestHairBuy store here: Facebook / Instagram / Youtube / Pinterest / Blog


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