how to wash and comb long human hair wig lace extensions

Taking care of a long hair wigs can be challenging, especially if your natural hair is short and you have never long hair before. Natural long wigs require an extra maintenance and care to look beautiful and new. Inn order to achieve maximum lifespan and the beat appearance it is important to properly wash, dry and store your natural hair wig. Here is a simple guide, that will help you to take the best care of your long natural hair wig.

How To Choose A Wig?

A long natural hair wig is a serious investment and there are several  things to consider, when choosing a wig. Select a wig made of a premium quality virgin human hair. The hair should look and feel smooth, perfectly hold the hair dye and curl. Remember, that a good hair wig should beautifully shape your face and fits your natural skin complexion. There is a huge range of high-quality natural hair wigs at OrderWigsOnline store and you can check their website here.

how to wash and comb long human hair wig lace extensions

Washing And Conditioning Human Hair Wig

When washing your long hair wig, don`t use your regular drugstore hair care products, because the harsh chemicals can damage your wig. Consider investing in a special products, developed for human hair wigs. Wash your hair under a cold water, gently combing through the hair with a wide teeth comb. It is recommended to wash your hair wig every 10 days of wear, but this recommendation may vary depending on just how dirty the wig gets. Avoid any contact with a harsh chlorinated water and salty sea water to protect the beauty of your wig. When the washing and moisturizing processes are done, allow your human hair wig to air dry on a wig stand.

Styling Your Wig

Long human hair wigs demand constant styling, so you need to protect your wig from heat with special products. Avoid using heavy shine sprays on your human hair wig to protect it from unnecessary grease and chemicals. Remember to only brush your and style your wig, when it is completely dry. Be gentle, when  curling and shaping the wig, don`t pull the hairs too strong. 

How To Comb Long Wig

A long human hair wig tends to tangle more, than real hair, so you need a special untangling strategy to remove the knots. Always start from the bottom, slowly working your way up, when combing a long wig. Brushing your wig from the top downwards may cause even more tangles. You can separate the hair into small sections to make the whole untangling process faster and easier.

How To Store Your Long Hair Wig

It is very important to store a long hair wig in a proper manner, so it doesn't lose its shape and color. Before storing the wig untangle it and smooth out the hair structure. Store it on a special wig stand or head. Put out the long hair in a hairnet and cover the wig from direct sunlight. Probably the best place to store a wig is your closet: a dark, cool place will keep your long wig from molding and color fading.
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