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5 Tips on Updating Your Skin Care Routine for Fall

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Fall is almost around the corner, and if you want to know how to update your skincare routine in five simple steps – just stay with us and keep on reading. Here are a few useful tips on how to take the best care of your skin during cold fall months, so check them out and enjoy!

Switch to a gentler facial cleanser

The first and one of the most important things you should do for your skin once fall arrives is to switch to a gentler cleanser. This is a quite logical step if you think about it, especially because your skin has different needs depending on the different weather conditions. The combination of sweat, dirt, and sunscreen in the summertime inevitably calls for a more clarifying cleanser, but that isn’t the case with the cold fall weather when your skin tends to be a lot drier. So, make sure to go for a product formulated without fragrances and soap that are highly likely to dry out your skin even more. You’ll notice a fantastic improvement!

five tips hacks for fall autumn skin care

Invest in a brand new moisturizer

Preparing your skin for cold, windy days can’t be complete without an appropriate moisturizer, so make sure to invest in a brand new one that’ll hydrate your skin to the max. It gets even more important as we tend to turn on the heater and drink less water, which often results in a dry and flaky skin. A moisturizer with a rich and creamy formula is an absolute must as it will penetrate deep into your skin and nourish it from within. 

five tips hacks for fall autumn skin care

Just a tiny bit of argan oil will make a huge difference

As already said, your skin needs extra care during the cold fall months, which is why you should upgrade your skincare routine by adding another step – facial oil. In case you didn’t know, argan oil is rich in antioxidants, vitamins A and E, and essential fatty acids that can promote your overall health and well-being. Using it on your face also has multiple benefits, and it gets even better when you realize that it’s actually a dry oil, which means that it absorbs quickly without leaving your skin greasy and sticky. 

Healthy skin in healthy body 

It is not a secret, that our skin is the largest organ of our body. Therefore, healthy and glowing skin is the prerogative of a healthy body. And, our bodies need relaxation at times, especially during an uneasy summer to autumn period, when temperature drops together with our immune system barrier. Thorough massage done by a professional is a great way to rest your body and mind. Of course you can choose to pay hundreds of dollars for a quick and relaxing massage, or opt for at home (and office!) relaxing remedy such as massage cushion. Just install the cushion on your chair or in your car and enjoy a soothing massage.

Don’t forget to exfoliate regularly

Another essential step your face craves for is exfoliation, so make sure to get a gentle scrub that will result in a radiant and youthful skin. This step becomes particularly important once summer is behind us, as you need to get rid of the dead skin cells that have been piling up on the surface for God knows how long. These are likely to clog your pores and make your skin appear dull and lifeless, which is when a gentle scrub should step in. However, if you want to save some money, you can always make one on your own. There are a lot of homemade scrub recipes online, so find one your skin will enjoy and go for it!

five tips hacks for fall autumn skin care

Give Korean sheet masks a fair shot, too

Beauty gurus and bloggers from all over the globe have been raving about Korean sheet masks for quite some time now, and reasons for that are definitely more than good. These are basically cotton sheets infused with serums that address a variety of skincare issues, and what’s so fantastic about them is the fact that the sheet acts as a seal on your skin, preventing the mask’s essential ingredients from evaporating. This is exactly what makes such masks much more efficient than the traditional ones, so don’t be afraid to experiment this fall.

As you can see, updating your skincare routine this fall can really be a piece of cake – as long as you know what your skin needs and you’re ready to give it the best possible care. All you have to do is to stick to our tips and guidelines, and you won’t even notice that fall has already arrived!

About author: Mianna is a passionate writer currently living and dreaming in Europe. She is a strong believer that both mental and physical fitness go hand in hand, you can't have one without the other. Her aim is to inspire people to reach their potential, feel confident and to lead a happy life. And like any other girl, she is guilty of falling in love, over and over again, with premium makeup, fashion and champagne.

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