wedding dress ideas for flower girls how to choose flower girl dress for spring

Spring is just around the bend and flowers are beginning to bloom. Birds are chirping their songs of merriment. No time of year evokes feelings of love and new beginnings quite like springtime, making it a favorite time of year for weddings.

When it comes to dressing your bridal party, many brides like to use the vibrant colors of nature as their guide. While this tactic will help wedding colors take shape, it will not always lead you to the best style. If you could use a little help, here are some beautiful girls dresses styles for a spring wedding.

Floral Inspiration

Nothing makes us think of spring quite like the image of flowers. Why not make this young member of your bridal party the flower girl in more than one way? Not only can she sprinkle petals, but she can also feature beautiful blooms on her dress.

Consider a satin dress with a floral skirt for your flower girl. The colors of the season are alive on a sleeveless dress that will look at home on any girl. To add the perfect finishing touch, pair it with a simple pair of sandals and a matching headband. For weddings scheduled for earlier in the season, a white or ivory crochet sweater is perfect to fend off the chill.

wedding dress ideas for flower girls how to choose flower girl dress for spring

Spring Colors

For the bride who wants to limit the flowers to her bouquet, a solid color dress is a great way to incorporate color without compromising taste. A satin tea-length gown is an ideal classic option. Wide straps look and feel very comfortable and go well with the season. There is a wide range of trendy colors available.

A great accessory for this style of dress is a coordinating sash or bow, especially since the satin is unadorned with any embellishments. The addition of wrist length gloves will help add a bit of glamour. Finish the ensemble with matching sandals and your flower girl will be ready to walk down the aisle in style.

wedding dress ideas for flower girls how to choose flower girl dress for spring

A Hint of Color

Many brides enjoy the beauty of the classic white dress, but still want a hint of the color from their bridesmaid dresses. For the older flower girl, a satin dress with spaghetti straps and a lace-up back may be exactly the look for which the bride has been searching. With wide bands of color at the top and hemline of this floor length A-line gown, it is the perfect compromise between tradition and color.

A floral hair wreath will help remind everyone who the flower girl is, even when she is no longer carrying her basket of flowers. A slight heel for the girl comfortable with the extra height keeps this dress from dragging the ground, potentially as a trip hazard. For the bride not wearing white herself, ivory is also available.

Simple Elegance

If your wedding is a more formal affair where you will be walking down the aisle in true queen for the day fashion, why not let your flower girl dress like a princess? Pick a champagne dress made of silky satin fabric with elegant spaghetti straps. The pick-up skirt will keep the hem of this floor length gown off the floor and the intricate embroidery on the bodice will make this dress an elegant choice.

A hazelnut sash gives the eye a perfect place to rest as it attempts to take in all the detail of this gorgeous gown. Top off the look with a tasteful tiara, jeweled sandals and elbow length gloves. Your flower girl will look as though she just stepped off the pages of a fairy tale in time for your wedding.

wedding dress ideas for flower girls how to choose flower girl dress for spring

Classic Beauty

Few dresses can ever hope to rival the traditional beauty of the white flower girl dress. If timeless class is the look you crave for your wedding then a gown with a split front A-line embroidered skirt is the perfect option. Beaded embroidery on a sleeveless satin bodice ensures sophistication from neckline to floor length hem. In addition, the netting that provides the slight flair of the skirt is made from nylon, making it an itch-free alternative.

Spring Style

While there are as many different styles of flower girl dress as there are bridal gowns, a few style choices are a perfect match for spring weddings. Bare shoulders are in fashion so leave the puffy sleeves in the dress shop. Open toe shoes to show off polished toenails are a must. Of course, do not forget about color because every color is back on the table as nature blooms back into life.