spring fashion collage featuring blouses, jumpsuit, dress and cardigan

I can't wait for spring to come! And don't get me wrong, as much as I love the winter season with its magical weather, eternal holidays, and cheerful mood, spring always makes me feel awake. The early Roman empire used to mark the beginning of a new calendar on the 1st of March and I understand why. Spring is the ideal season to start from the very and try out something different from your regular style, particularly in fashion.

Dark and dull colors always predominate my wardrobe and every time I attempt to sample new trends or cuts, I end up feeling like it doesn't fit me at all. Hopefully, this season I will succeed in my fashion wanderings and find eligible fashion pieces, slowly completing my closet with more feminine attire. Today on my blog, I'm going to share some of my favorite vernal bits, filled with the season’s hottest trends.

I'm in love with the patent leather trend right now. Patent leather is sleek, stylish, and very chic! Of course, the leather jumpsuit pants I picked are not made of real patent leather, but they look just as good. Paired with a weightless white collar blouse, sprinkled in polka dots or black sheer blouse embellished with lace, this faux leather jumpsuit creates an elegant and casual look.

There are many fashion cheap blouses in the store, so my eyes also landed on a plain cantaloupe blouse, made of shiny satin. I love the sweet and feminine colors and flare sleeves. At the moment I do not own a single satin blouse, so this blouse will be a perfect pair for my favorite high-waisted skinny jeans and flats.

The store is filled with super cute cheap cardigans, so I've decided to seize the moment and pick a knitted patchwork cardigan, which reminds me of the poncho. It is perfect for the time of the year when it is warm enough without a coat but still chilly with only a sweater. In my opinion, you can layer this poncho-cardigan with almost anything from a tight turtle-neck sweater to basic t-shirts and even a bodycon dress.

And finally, I can't wait to wear skirts. I'm not a huge fan of skirts and always feel a little shy about my legs, but one of my new year's resolutions was to start wearing skirts. I love how this burgundy skirt looks on the model and would love to wear the same look. Nude pumps, a strict blouse or a cozy sweater and flirty skirt is perfect ensemble for a spring date. And what are your fashion cravings for the upcoming spring season?

Lots of love,