gir is wearing nylon strap bag

A long awaited summer season is already knocking on our doors bringing back the stuffy weather, blinding sun rays and, of course, a whole bunch of new travel-ready fashion trends. This summer season all fashionistas and fashion lovers in Northern Hemisphere will have an opportunity to rock spacious crossbodies and backpacks, shelve their freshly-cleaned wardrobes with vintage inspired handbags and, finally, try out the brightly-colored patchwork purses. Here are the hottest summer 2019 bag trends, which I picked with the help of Newchic fashion store, we should expect before long. Happy shopping lovelies, the choice is all yours!

three trendy bohemian bags
Romantic Bohemian Chic

I would like to start with one of the hottest trends of the upcoming summer - dreamy and relaxed bohemian bags. Thanks to Coachella music and arts festival, beauty influencers like Lisa Danielle and Sara Waiste and fashion icons like Rihanna and BeyoncĂ©, this profound romantic style comes back in our wardrobes almost every other summer season. Wear your bohemian bag with a gypsy-inspired mini dress, lightweight feather accessories and loose, slightly sloppy hairstyle.

three trendy comfortable and large bags
Comfy & Spacious 

Even the most stylish fashionista, who dares to wear the most unbelievable fashion trends do not want to sacrifice her own comfort in a name of fashion, that is why big crossbody bags are going to stay on trend during the summertime. Inspired by the simplicity of Valentino and Marni models I picked up few very similar bags, which can hold all your daily necessities and beautifully complete any outfit.

three trendy patchwork handbags
Vivid Colors

One of the best ways to demonstrate your fashion sense is to wear brighly-colored fashion pieces. Luckily for everyone, who is fond of vivid things, this summer they are going to be oh so trendy! You can wear all of your favorite colors together by choosing the patchwork handbags. Patchwork fabrics and prints were seen on the Dior, Michael Kors and Louis Vuitton shows and you can easily pick a similar handbag and incorporate it in your summer outfit.

three trendy straw beach bags

Straw Beach Bags

The next trend bag is never ending, it keeps coming back into our lives every new summer, slowly disappearing in the end of resort season. This time an eco-friendly vintage straw handbags return with a new wave fashion charge. The biggest advantage of straw handbags is their light and bendy nature and large capacity. Large and roomy for the beach needs or small and stylish for pool party and other summer occasions, I love all of these cute straw bags. And what is your favorite bag trend for the summer?