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My Summer Time 2019 Wishlist: Fashion, Beauty & Home

summer wishlist collage

Oh summer, my summer! One of the most anticipating, the most passionate, the most hot and spicy time of the long-lasting year. Summer days are the longest, they filled with sizzling sun rays, sprinkled with cool and salty sea water and seasoned with relaxing sweetness of tropical cocktails.  Today I've gathered up everything I have in my summer time wishlist and share them with you guys. Are you excited to dive into the new summer adventure? 

  • Crochet summer pieces always looked kinda fascinating to me. Aren't crochet suppose to be appropriate only for colder months? I guess not! I love how subtle and light this crochet swimsuit looks on a picture, do you think it is actually made by hand?

  • Even the hottest summer months bless us with relieving chilly days. This cozy hooded sweatshirt dress were made for days like this. Just throw it over your beach outfits and it will make you feel warm and sheltered  again.

  • Blackheads and whiteheads are my old buddies. They go together with my skin like Batman and Robbin, never leaving it alone! Hopefully, this stainless steel blackhead removal tool will put this eternal friendship to an end.

  • It is impossible to imagine traveling without a bulky backpack, that fits all your everyday necessities, snacks, books and clothes. I chose this blinding holographic backpack to carry out this prior mission. Isn't it gorgeous?

  • How do you know how much of a toothpaste is enough for one time? Don't get me started on those pea-size measurements, because peas come in various sizes and shapes! I plan to give my hubby a very convenient automatic toothpaste dispenser, hopefully this little present will stop all of those philosophical questions about peas and fluoride.

  • cordless vacuum cleaner is everyone secret dream! This model is multi-functional, it has a durable battery and very light construction. Hoping that my little dream will come true this summer.

  • One of the most feminine and sweetly appealing summer fashion trends this summer is off-shoulder pieces. Dresses, tops, sweatshirts and, of course, blouses. This sexy blouses with flirty flare sleeves and off-shoulders looks very cute and immediately caught my eye.

  • It is hard to imagine boho-inspired summer ensemble without romantic high waisted maxi skirt. This chiffon skirt is made of the flowing, lightweight fabrics and reminds me of an ancient peasant skirt. I guess, I'm going to wear it with crop top or loose tunic and sandals.

  • Summer weather in Brazil is just crazy! In some regions the climate is hot and humid throughout the whole year, but the summertime is especially stuffy and rainy. Therefore having a good thermometer like this Xiaomi Digital Thermometer is a must-have, rather than just a craving. 

Lots of love,