girl is wearing fall athleisure outfit

Fall may seem like a long way off while the temperatures are soaring, but everyone knows that the fashion industry likes to stay ahead, and so fall and winter clothes are already starting to debut in stores and online. If you've been enjoying rocking this summer's athleisure looks, the good news is that there is no sign of this trend going away once summer is gone, and by switching up your outfits a little, you can still make many of this summer's coolest pieces work when the fall season kicks in. Here are some ideas:

girl is wearing fall athleisure outfit

Pair Your Favorite Designer Sneakers with a Midi Skirt

One of the stand-out pieces in many people's athleisure clothing rotations is a beautiful pair of high-end sneakers. On-trend looks like the ranges of Balenciaga sneakers and sneakers by other top labels like Gucci have been huge this summer. If you are still looking to pick up the perfect pair for you, then should head to SSENSE, where you can find all the hottest collections. 

Wearing sneakers with skirts has been a thing for a while now, but this fall, we expect to see midi-length skirts making a big splash. A simple, bodycon style midi in a block color can look great with statement sneakers and is a comfortable but feminine casual look you'll definitely want to get mileage out of this fall.

girl is wearing fall athleisure outfit

Blazers Over Everything

If you've been enjoying some of the more revealing looks athleisure has provided this summer, like meshy tops and sports bras, then you can keep this look going without catching a chill when fall hits by adding blazers over everything. 

The contrast of a conventionally smart jacket with casual, quirky athleisure wear looks chic, and fashionistas have even been spotted pairing classic blazers with bike shorts, so really, it is the simplest way to update any athleisure look for fall without going back into the hoodie comfort zone! That's not to say hoodies aren't still going to be a good option, but if you want something a little more cutting edge as far as looks go, the blazer will be your friend!

girl is wearing fall athleisure outfit

Don't Pack Away Your Shades

Sunglasses may be a staple in summer, but if you have a sporty pair that you feel really finish off your favorite athleisure looks, then there is no reason to stop wearing them just because the days are less bright in fall. A lot of people like to wear sunglasses all year round, even when not dealing with bright days, as a way to protect their eyes from things like the drying effects of windy weather, and the ever-present UV rays. In short, if you want to keep wearing them, nobody will think it's weird. Unless you are indoors. Or it is nighttime.

These are just a few ways to keep getting the most out of your summer athleisure favorites when summer 2019 is consigned to the history books! What do you think, lovelies?

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