hands showing soft everyday manicure

As much as I love grungy nails, I can't wear them everyday and every night, for obvious reasons. On days when I want to rest from edgy makeup and nail look, I love wearing sophisticated nude nail polish, but for some nail junkies, nude nails look too  simple and even boring. Well, no more boring everyday manicures, ladies and gentlemen, today I want to show you this soft everyday nail look with a small shimmering twist on a ring finger. It is neutral enough to be worn on a daily basis, but shimmering accent dilutes the possible dullness.

hand is holding nail polish bottle

Before applying any nail polish, I removed an old nail look and prepared the cuticles. To even out small imperfections on the surface of my nail plates, I used a very mild nail polisher and gently treated any imperfections. After all these steps it is finally time to apply nail polish on our nails! On thumb, index , medium and pinkie fingers I applied two different nail polishes in nudish pink and dusty lilac shades. And for the ring fingers on both of my hands, I prepared something just a little pit different - luscious shimmering nail lacquer with a peculiar name Lantern And Dew*. 

hand is holding top coat nail polish

Lantern And Dew combines two different tones of fine shimmer: a cool-toned steel shade and bronze. The mix of these two shimmers created an appealing metallic color. Despite of its light texture, this nail polish has a full opaque formula, so one layer is enough to create a very beautiful even finish. A very pleasant discovery - Lantern And Dew has almost no scent! Of course, there is mild fragrance of acrylic paint to it, but it is absolutely bearable, unlike a regular acetone scent.

hands showing soft everyday manicure

To seal this soft everyday nail look I used a brand new addition to my lacquer family - a Fast Dry Top Coat* with beautiful glossy finish and very fine texture. The fast drying top coat by Born Pretty does not look absolutely transparent in the bottle, but once applied on to the nail, it transforms into a clear layer. It has slightly runny formulation and dries almost in no time.

hands showing soft everyday manicure

What do you think, lovelies, does this everyday manicure looks less boring than a good old nude nails? A light touch of shimmer always makes things slightly more glamorous and interesting. This manicure remained good-looking on my nails for about a week. A Fast Dry Top Coat is a nice alternative for a regular clear top, thought it does not protect the nail polish from chipping as good. Please let me know your opinion about this manicure in the comments and don't forget to use a special discount code LIZH10 at the checkout at Born Pretty and receive a nice 10% off discount. Until next time, lovelies!

Lots of love,