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Different Eye Makeup For Different Eyeglasses | Useful Makeup Tips

nerd girl in huge black glasses

Do not listen to anyone who says that eyeglasses and makeup are two incompatible things. You can wear your favorite smokey eye look, even under the glass shield and still look strikingly beautiful and hot. But one question still remains unresolved - what are the idea makeup for the shape of your particular eye glasses. With the support of Jupitoo, I've put together a few useful makeup tips and tricks that will help you to emphasize your beautiful eyes and lashes, even if you are a fellow glasses-wearer, according to the shape of the eyeglasses of your choice.

So, let's begin with the rectangular or square eyeglasses. It is recommended to wear this kind of frames if you have beautiful round face. Though, massive oversized glasses with wide frame can take the attention away from your eyes. Emphasize them with bold cat eyeliner and subtle, shimmering eyeshadows. Put an accent on your lips - plump glossy lip look for everyday and bright coral for special occasions.

nerd girl in huge black glasses

Browline eye glasses are ideal for oval and rectangular faces, which characterized by soft, rounded face and with a forehead area slightly wider than the jaw line. The browline eyeglasses have a slight vintage vibe to them, so you can easily go for a full vintage makeup look. Leave the lower lash line untouched, or apply just a bit of neutral matte eyeshadow. Thick eyebrows should be a key of your makeup look - fill them in with brow pomade and don't forget to set them in place with brow gel. Contour the jawline with matte contouring powder and go easy with the lip look.

The thin wire-framed eyeglasses and large cat eye sunglasses look the best on angular faces. The shape of wire eyeglasses look light, so you are free to wear different eyeshadow and eyeliner styles. You can even try to wear false lashes for an evening out. I would suggest you half false lashes or falsies that have shorter lashes in the inner corners and longer on the outer corners of the eyes.

nerd girl in huge round glasses

Whether you are wearing sexy cat eyeglasses, vintage rounded glasses or sleek aviator glasses, I hope you found this makeup tips somehow useful and you will start wearing creative makeup looks under your eyeglasses more times. Picked your next favorite eyeglasses? Excellent! To safely track all your online packages use Tracktry service. This is the best tracking solution for international parcels from multiple couriers and postal services.


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