beautiful bride in a wedding dress close to the groom.

Some of you may disagree, but I strongly believe that fall is the most romantic and picturesque season of the year. While spring is too young and naive, summer is too hot, and carefree, and winter is too chilly and dull, fall is the acme of perfection — warmish, evocative, and beguiling. Following my persisting tradition of gathering seasonal fashion and makeup trends, today I've put together the most alluring fall wedding dresses, which I gathered with the assistance of Coco's Bride — a leading bridal retailer. 

fashion collage with wedding dresses for the fall ceremony

Born From the Sea Form

One of the most graceful silhouettes, that beautifully emphasizes your waist and disguise wide hips, are famous a-line wedding dresses. These dresses look fantastic on the pear-shaped body types, which tend to carry weight below the waist, plus this silhouette is one of the top this fall season. Pick a mermaid-worthy, floor-length ( the longer the better) dress made from feather-weight chiffon and decorated with dramatic sleeves. 

In Love With A Fairy Tale

Inspired by the royal weddings, ladies all around the world salute the returning of full-skirted ball gowns, decorated with gemstones, rhinestones, and laces. Great news for lean girls with wide shoulders, narrow hips and slim legs — luxurious ball gowns, with many layers of fabrics will flatter your petite waist, balancing your body shape. 

fashion collage with wedding dresses for the fall ceremony

Simplicity is Genius 

One of the main and the most controversial lifestyle tendencies, widely implemented in reality during the past decade, is simple living. Millennials value personal experiences over material belongings, so if you plan to hold your wedding in minimalist thematic then your simple wedding dress should match the whole concept. Clear lines and colors, strict silhouettes, and classic, sleek material — these are the main points to follow.

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