a bunch of beautiful bridesmaids in beautiful dresses are posing on the street
Photo: Anton Mislawsky

Our wonderful bridesmaids deserve just as much appreciation in the new 2020 year as any other honorable guests at the wedding. To follow up with all those trendy colors, styles, and swings you'll need to learn more about the upcoming tendencies, so, with the guidance of BM Bridal store, I've put together some of the hottest bridesmaid dresses for the upcoming year. Here you can find silky-smooth fabrics, saturated sunny shades, coquettish decollates, and other bridesmaid trends, just keep reading.

Bridesmaid Dress

A Silk Road

Silk is well-known and widely used textile. Thanks to it smooth appearance and feel, silk is the ideal material for special occasion dresses. It is very comfortable to wear even during both warm and cold seasons. Choose delicate silk or satin dresses for your bridesmaids in pastel shades of rose, lavender, and green to bring out the beauty of complexion. Petite natural accessories will complete the bridesmaid's dresses.

Bridesmaid Dress

Sunshine Yellow

Saturated shades of lemon always boost up the mood, making the world around just a little bit more happy and warm. One of the hottest (literally) color trends in the new 2020 year is going to be yellow. The only complication you might face with this sunny color is the shade. Pick a different undertone and saturation levels for every bridesmaid individually and everyone will be satisfied with your choice and attention.

Bridesmaid Dress

Sleeveless Seduction 

And the last bridesmaid dress trend for today, but definitely not the least, is a sleeveless bridesmaid dress. While you are choosing between the long or short bridesmaid dress, the off-shoulder and sleeveless styles are taking over! They look absolutely fantastic on ladies with both broad and narrow shoulders. If it is necessary to create an extra volume in the decollete area, pick a bridesmaid dress with massive appliques in this zone or drapes. Your bridesmaids will look like real-life goddesses in flowing sleeveless dresses.

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