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We all naturally want to look good at all times, and no more so when at our place of work, and for the career-minded woman, the way she looks at work is very important if she wants to maximize her chances of promotion. Here are a few tips to help make your wardrobe a little more colorful, in a professional manner.

  • Project Authority with Style. The successful businesswoman of today knows exactly what she wants, and she would have an air of power, which can be accentuated with small accessories. Many career women make the mistake of trying to look a little more masculine when what you should be doing is sharpening up your own unique look. Add a few expensive-looking accessories by all means, just don’t overdo things, and a touch of antique-looking jewelry always works well with a business outfit.

  • Antique Jewellery. An elegant Victorian brooch would look great with any modern business suit, and the right items of antique jewelry will add a touch of elegance to any business outfit. Avoid anything too ostentatious or flashy. You should check out some vintage jewelry dealer marketplace too for some great pieces. A pair of Edwardian pearl stud earrings, for example, works well with any formal business attire, and you can experiment with your antique and vintage jewelry collection, which often reaps rewards.

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  • Up-Hairstyles. Any up look suggests you mean business, and by keeping this formal, an up-hairstyle is suitable for a business environment. If you do have long hair, a ponytail and tuck would send out the right message, plus it is super-convenient for the busy woman.

  • Tiny Amount of Quality Cologne. Any perfume must be subtle for a business environment, and you would likely have something in your collection. If not, a small bottle of something fresh and fruity would be the ideal choice. There are informative articles on power dressing for the modern businesswoman, which you can find online.

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  • Consider Natural Tanning. There's no doubt that a natural-looking tan will boost any woman’s self-confidence, so a few visits to a tanning salon might be an idea. Obviously, skincare is very important for every woman, and even more so for the career-minded female who has drive and ambition.

  • Hi-Tech Accessories. If you haven’t already got one, buy a smartphone earpiece that allows you to converse at any time, and your tablet or laptop should be in a fashionable case, ready for immediate deployment if necessary.

The secret to power dressing lies in the subtle, yet effective accessories, and with antique jewelry, you can’t really go wrong in a business setting. The most important thing is that you feel good in your working outfit, as self-confidence is everything for the modern businesswoman. With the right accessories, you will always know that you look the part.

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