a quick and easy colorful eyeliner hack with instrucions and tutorial by blogger liz breygel.

One of the most beautiful colors that compliments light and dark brown eyes are the cold and noble color of the deep ocean's blue. Saturated shades of blue play in contrast with the warmth of the brown eyes, making them look even more vibrant. To emphasize the natural color of my dark brown iris and dilute the boredom of gray weekdays, I like to play with the colors of my eyeliner. 

And, even though I don't have a large variety of liquid eyeliner in my collection (the black was always my favorite), I found an easy and affordable alternative to these makeup products. Yes, I'm talking about the most regular black eye kohl and colorful eyeshadow. Here is how you give your everyday black eyeliner a brand new, colorful twist.

a quick and easy colorful eyeliner hack with instrucions and tutorial by blogger liz breygel

1. To turn your dull black eyeliner bright and fun, you'll need two basic products: well-sharpened black eye kohl that has a creamy texture and pigmented eyeshadow of your choice. I picked navy-blue eyeshadow, slightly frosted with fine shimmer. You can stop your choice on any other color that will flatter the color of your eyes.

2. The very first step won't be different from your regular eye makeup routine. Yes, I'm talking about good old eyeshadow primers or eye makeup base. Apply a tiny amount all over the eyelids and blend it with the help of your ring finger. The warmth of the finger will "melt" the eyeshadow primer onto the skin ensuring an even surface for further makeup application.

3. Now you can draw a shape of the future colorful eyeliner with sharpened black eye kohl. Feel free to get creative with the eyeliner wing and don't worry about the mess or any errors, because you can always erase them with a concealer.

a quick and easy colorful eyeliner hack with instrucions and tutorial by blogger liz breygel

4. The next, final step is the application of colorful eyeshadow.  Use a small eyeliner or lip brush, generously load it with eyeshadow and start covering black eyeliner turning it vivid and fun. I like to use a very soft, dabbing motion to apply the color over the eye kohl. The creamy base will make the pigment stick to the skin, so you'll not need to worry about the longevity of your bright eyeliner makeup. Though, smudges are still possible, so try not to rub your eyes throughout the day.

5. Clean up any fallouts you might have under your eyes. Define the shape of the eyeliner wing with some concealer and continue your eye makeup by curling the lashes and applying mascara. I also recommend you to set your makeup look with makeup setting spray to set your makeup in place.

And here you have it, lovelies! Your bright and fun eyeshadow eyeliner look is done. It took me only five minutes (or even less) to line up my eyes. Such bright eyeshadow eyeliner is going to last longer than a regular pencil eyeliner. Just make sure to set the eye kohl, before it sets on the skin. What do you think of this look? Would you wear it? 

Lots of love,