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The summer is nearly here, and that means we are going to change restricting jeans and oversized sweaters with light and breezy dresses. Of course, to make the silhouette exceptionally perfect and emphasize the beauty of the body type we are going to need some help from reliable body-shaping pieces. Ultralight and breathable shapewear that repeats your movements would be the best substitution for those warm winter pieces. And today's little fashion tips will help you to shape your curves and prepare your wardrobe for the summer heat. Are you ready to begin?

Softest nylon, Mesh Material

Hot and stuffy summer weather should not be a barrier for you to wear all kinds of shapewear bodysuits. But, of course, there are more and less appropriate body-shaping pieces for hot seasons. Opt for the models made from the softest materials like thin nylon or spandex, some of them may also have a built-in mesh part for extra airflow. Low-quality full-body shapewear tends to "escape" the scene of a crime, curling upwards and sliding off of the body. To prevent this issue pick only the pieces with a specially designed hemline that prevents sliding and curling up.

woman in sportswear wearing waist trainer

Waist Training & Summer Workouts

I don't know about you, but I feel more motivated to work out in the summer. And, of course, sports gear and fashion accessories for active people encourage my exercise plans even more. Tummy was always my biggest insecurity, so one of the most exciting helpers in this particular area is the waist trainers. 

However, frequent workouts (and sweating as a result) may damage the material and fibers of your waist trainer, making it less effective. Avoid this and purchase a few waist trainers, so you can regularly wash and change them in between your workout sessions. Please, don't forget that there are certain rules to follow while exercising in waist trainers, so make sure to follow them thoroughly before starting.

Tight Summer Clothes and Shapewear

Have you seen Alex Perry's SS20 collection? It is full of my favorite strictly-lined bodycon dresses and other tightly fitting silhouettes. I'm simply in love with every single piece he creates. At the same time, I don't imagine wearing any of these gorgeous dresses without body-shaping pieces. Of course, it is not always easy to choose a body shaper for your body type and current outfit, you have to consider every little detail. 

So, if the garment of your choice is tight like a bodycon dress, tight shorts, or pencil skirt and you need some compression on your tummy and thigh area go for comfortable high waist panties. Such a model will smooth your belly, tighten the waist area and hips, giving your figure a beautiful hourglass shape.

woman in the nude shapewear

Shaping Tank Tops

Every fashionista needs to have at least one body shaping tank top in the wardrobe. Apart, from having practical use such as extra support for the back, abdomen compression, and breast support, body shaping tank tops actually look pretty fashionable. You can use both under a regular tank top, t-shirt or blouse and on its own with a pair of jeans. Such a shaping top is a great alternative to full-body shapewear and it's exactly what we need in the summer.

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