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At the beginning of the year, I made a post dedicated to my fashion goals, where I shared my thoughts on decluttering and minimalism. Little did I know that 2020 is going to be one of the hardest years in modern history not only for fashion but for the tourism, sports, and entertainment industries. After the end of the worldwide pandemic, we are all going to face an inevitable crisis, luxurious items are going to be substituted with more affordable variations, and high-end clothing brands will step back and give their place to cheap trendy clothes. Here are a few anti-crisis shopping trends, which I complied with together with the online fashion store Prestarrs, that will help you break the chain of unfortunate events but won't break the budget.

  • Function Over Beauty

While locked under the seven locks and stuck inside the four walls, comfort, and function always come before the actual appearance of the clothing. More and more people opt for spacious, relaxed styles, that will make you feel cozy while you work from home or solve other tasks at home. Plain, clear colors, bold prints, and basic cuts are going to prevail over complicated designs. Of course, some fashion critics may not agree with the return of simplicity, but we have already experienced the comeback of basics. 

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  • Leisurewear is the Trend

The coronavirus crisis forced millions of people to switch their work jackets, blouses, and trousers to more relaxed leisurewear. In its turn, work from home has brought a whole new trend to the rise ‒ leisurewear. Comfortable sweatsuits, cheap t-shirts, and jammies have become a home office dress code and slowly migrated to the streets. Stay at home in your favorite sweats and hoodie or go out (but respect the distance) in a tie-dye dress and sneakers.

  • Online Shopping

We live in a decade when e-commerce confidently outran the real-life selling speed, but Covid-19 had an unexpected influence on online shopping. While some brands have registered a rapid increase in purchases, others declined drastically. Of course, the fashion industry is also under the impact of this online shopping trend. According to Statista, online fashion purchases have increased by approximately 25% in the United Kingdom, Germany, and the US. 

Therefore, instead of spending your precious time and health in physical stores, you can enjoy a pleasant online shopping experience at home. Use apps and services that allow you to try your picks, before actually paying for them, and build your new wardrobe from home. You can also use sites like Raise to find the best coupons and voucher codes when shopping online which will provide you with some great savings.

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  • Less is More

Unlike most affordable fast-fashion brands like Asos and Zara, which experienced a rapid increase in online purchases, designer stores, that depend on the physical presence of the consumer, struggle with sales during the period of lockdown and post-pandemic times. It looks like the main credo of all fashionistas in the second half of 2020 is going to be ''less is more'' and I can absolutely agree with this philosophy. Why would you buy an extra pair of jeans, when you can't demonstrate it even to your closest friends? This look at the problem perfectly fits with my pre-pandemic fashion plan.

  • Old is NewAgain?

Everything new is well-forgotten old! When the fashion world will start spinning once again, there will be no need in purchasing new pieces, because all of your forgotten clothes are going to be disregarded and, hopefully, trendy once again. So, if your past fashion decisions were more than justified and you have a thoroughly planned capsule wardrobe, then you don't have to worry about the future of your looks.

Wrapping Up...

Whenever a pandemic is going to be over soon or will last longer, we all can take something positive out of this long-lasting crisis. I have definitely learned to appreciate more what I have here and now, learned how to wait, and how to spend time with more benefits. And what about you, lovelies, what are your personal anti-crisis trends for these stressful times? Don't forget to share your thoughts and tips in the comments.

Lots of love,