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Photo: Sunny Ng

The weather may seem hot just yet, but before you realize it, chilly fall wind is going to rule over our wardrobes. To prepare you for the next fashion season I browsed through the top fall runway shows of 2020 and came up with this fall fashion trends report. From cropped blazers and spacious blouses to sloppy collars and granny rug-inspired prints, here is what you are going to see everywhere on the streets and offices this fall season. Which one of these trends stands out the most?

The Casual Vibes

The next trend is going to take your regular t-shirt to a whole new level, transforming it into a substantial element in your casual outfit. And I'm talking about the forgotten, yet revived henley collar shirt. A henley shirt is a relaxed pullover shirt, famous for its round neckline that features a few buttons. The best thing about this model is that it can be made from a variety of summer and fall-approved materials such as linen, wool, and cotton henley shirt.

But why this model of a t-shirt has such a strange name? The answer is simple: the model is named after the traditional uniform, worn by rowers in the English town of Henley-on-Thames. Originally, the shirt is collarless, yet today you can find an option with a collar. Wear it as everyday casual wear or go to work wearing one of your best henley shirts and look both stylish and trendy.

The Fall 2020 Fashion Trends Report by Liz Breygel on January Girl blog

The Fabulous Prints

Don't hurry to put away your designer summer shirts, you'll have a chance to show them off during the fall time as well. Especially, if they have a blinding color of a summer sun or freshly fallen foliage. This season every shade of warm yellow is going to be especially appreciated. Designers like Christopher John Rogers and brand Gucci actively used them as monocolor and colorful accents in their  Fall 2020 Ready-to-Wear collections. And what about you? 

If you aren't sure if florals are still going to be in trend in the fall, I hurry to ensure you ‒ oh yes, they will! This season men's floral shirts, flowing floral women's dresses, and other pieces are going to come back in the shape of granny rug-inspired motifs. And I simply can't take my eyes off of these elaborate patterns! Overall fall 2020 collection of Marine Serre combined both monochrome and multi-colored elements. Layered with lace, Arabic patterns, and distressed elements, her whole collection is eye-candy for any fashionista.

The Fancy Sleeves

Rodarte and Fendi pleased our eyes with the soft vintage vibes, satin materials, and the puffiest sleeves and shoulders. To create an illusion of volume, they used puffed and padded sleeves, accentuated waistlines, and used very soft, pastel colors to emphasize femininity. This fall you can try the puffy-sleeve trend yourself. The easiest way to do so is to get a casual-looking dress, decorated with a pair of voluptuous sleeves.

Good news for every ethnic wear lover, you are going to continue to enjoy your favorite print throughout the whole fall 2020 season. Jonathan Cohen, Suzy Menkes, and even Kenneth Ize were inspired by the beauty of ethnic ornaments. Wear ethnic embroidery on your jackets, bags, and even shoes to show your appreciation of the folk traditions.

The Fall 2020 Fashion Trends Report by Liz Breygel on January Girl blog

The Trendy Accents

Another trendy pattern of fall 2020 is tartan. It was spotted at Christian Dior, Saint Laurent, Monse, and, of course, Burberry. Yes, once again this flirty and military print is going to appear in our wardrobes. And if you have already worn tartan in the past couple of years, then it is time to rediscover and reincorporate this print in your everyday outfit.

Huge collar shirts were a micro-trend (what a wordplay!) throughout the whole season of spring and might've received a second reappearance during the fall. Maison Margiela featured weirdly shaped collars on almost every model at the Fall 2020 Ready-to-Wear show. Upcycled from distressed denim, composed of voluminous ruffles and casually thrown over the jackets and raincoats, that's how collars should be worn this fall.

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