Last month, I made a drastic change to my hair. And as a busy working mother, I love it because it allows for a hassle-free hairdo every morning and saves so much of my time. If you haven't guessed it yet, here’s my secret: I got ponytail clip-in hair extensions. Many of my social media followers have been asking about my extensions, so I want to share my experience with these clip-in wefts so far.

I think it makes sense to start by telling you why I chose ponytail clip-in extensions. Like many of us busy ladies, I don't get enough time to style my hair every morning. I barely use the hair-dryer or curling iron, and most of the time, I just grab an elastic band to keep my locks out of my face and head out.

Yes, that quick ponytail has been my standard hairdo. I've even got some of my professional snaps with this hairstyle on. But, because my hair is on the thin and short side, my ponytail always looked a little lackluster.

One day I saw my college friend Emily, who I hadn't seen for years after graduation. I was happy to see her after such a long time, but what really surprised me was her hair! She had a gorgeous, full, and well-finished ponytail. Her hair had been just like mine (thin and short) when we were in college. What I saw was a complete change.

Photo: Valerie Elash

I couldn't help myself from asking Emily about the secret behind her hair transformation. And that's when I came to know about ponytail clip-in hair extensions. I was thrilled because what she mentioned sounded so easy. Emily was very kind to give me some tips and recommend ZALA ponytail hair extensions to get that Instagram-worthy hairstyle.

I didn't waste any time ordering a clip-in ponytail extension at ZALA's website. The online ordering process was pretty smooth and straightforward. The customer service at ZALA was also very supportive. They did the color matching for me and even recommended me their 22-inch 100% human hair ponytail extensions by taking my height and existing hair length into account.

They offer multiple length options, from 12 inches to 26 inches. I was good to go with the recommended length of 22 inches.

My ponytail extensions by ZALA arrived within two days of placing my order. I fell in love with the wefts the moment I opened the box. Till that moment, I was hesitant because I was unsure if the extensions would look real. But there they were, made of human hair, 100% authentic. The color also matched my natural hair pretty well. And the best part is that it was lightweight; safe for my short and thin hair.

Photo: Valerie Elash

While the application procedure (as explained by Emily) seemed easy, I still did some research. I luckily came across ZALA's YouTube channel, where they explained everything. I watched a short video about putting-in ZALA ponytail clip-in extensions and followed the instructions to successfully install my hair extension.

Here's how I installed the extensions: I styled my hair into my regular ponytail, even though a high ponytail also works well. In the next step, I picked the weft, opened the little clip, clipped it into the top of my hair, and wrapped the velcro strap around the weft's base. I also used a couple of bobby pins at the bottom for additional support.

And finally, there I was, standing in front of the mirror with a beautiful and complete ponytail. I absolutely love it because you can put-in the extensions and achieve a perfect ponytail within minutes. These ponytail extensions are very comfortable, secure, and look completely natural.

From my experience, I can tell you that when buying ponytail hair extensions, you should always make sure the wefts are made from top-quality, silky Remy hairs like the ones from ZALA. Also, make sure the extensions' shade matches your natural hair color (ZALA ponytail clip-ins are available in 14 different shades), and the length is ideal for your hair and height.

Each piece of hair in my ZALA ponytail wefts is thick from the edges to the base. And the good news is that I can treat these extensions just like my natural hair; dye, style, tone them the way I usually do. Now I wear these extensions to work daily and even to most events. And guess what - I get many compliments!