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As we roll into the 2020s and greet the world post-COVID there’s a good chance you’re looking out for as many ways to make the most of the outdoor world and life outside of lockdown. Whether you’re focused on greeting the roaring 20s with a new mindset, improved mental health, a whole new physique, or essentially anything else, here are some great tips for you below.

It is good to keep in mind that with the correct mindset and approach to health, a happy lifestyle, and improved time management – you can achieve anything. All of that said, I have a great list of five tips to help you feel and look better, take a look.

1. Understand and Practice Gratitude

Though this tip may not directly impact your ability to look and feel better in the year ahead, it will help you get into the right mindset to create changes that majorly improve your outlook and keep you on the right track.

I suggest that at least once a week, though ideally each day, you keep a note or a list of all the things you are grateful for each day. Whatever these things may be, whether as simple as a roof over your head or something much more pinpointed to your life, they are going to remind you of where you are, and how you are doing and will remind you that you are in a good place. With that in mind, being grateful for all you have is a great place to start this year.

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2. A Diet-focused Lifestyle

Unlike a lot of other tips that simply give you a push to ‘eat better,’ let's go a little further here and say that it is in your best interests (and your skin and body’s) to forge a lifestyle that makes eating healthy entirely effortless.

By this, I mean setting a routine that gives you the time and the place to eat healthy meals and snacks and allows you to whip something up in the kitchen that isn’t only healthy but going to be relatively easy to make too.

For example, going to bed an hour earlier, waking an hour earlier, and making a green smoothie to kick off the day as opposed to a sugar-filled latte might be the best place to start. Once you get the ball rolling, you’ll be able to follow these steps into the workplace and essentially everywhere else.

3. Get Your Checkups

A tip that may go without saying is diving headfirst into your health and fitness, though for our third tip, we’re going to focus on getting you up to speed with everything you should be doing!

Off the top, a trip to your oral healthcare professionals might be a little behind schedule so a dentist check-up and a visit to your orthodontist to check on those moving teeth is a great place to start.

From here, your annual physical should also be on the cards, along with blood work and scans and checks of anything you might be concerned about. There isn’t too much point in sitting and waiting for something to go wrong, so making a few appointments will put your mind at ease as well as make sure you’re in the all-clear health-wise.

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4. Form a Night Routine You Adore

If there is one thing that we can all relate to it is that the world is far too fast-paced for our liking. There isn’t too much wind-down time and getting time for yourself is becoming rarer and rarer, especially if you’ve moved back to working from the office and not your home.

With this in mind, here is a challenge for you – carve out an hour (or even more!) to give to yourself each evening. Develop a night routine that you absolutely love and one that will have you looking and feeling great before bed.

Run through your skincare routine, and your self-care routine, and give yourself some time to list out those gratitude dot points I mentioned above and you’ll be on the way to the ultimate cool-off time during the day.

5. Invite Fitness Into Your Life

For the final tip, I suggest making working out and fitness something you regularly partake in. Understandably, this is one of the more difficult tips to integrate into the average person’s life, so here are a few small tips that might help you get started.

To start, you don’t need to run a marathon for your body to become a little more fit, and so with this, I say start by walking more. All you’ll need to do is walk a little further each day, skip a tram, bus, or train, and walk to the next stop, for example, and you’re getting in those extra few minutes of cardio.

From here you’ll be building your confidence in exercise and may actually find yourself running that marathon.

The Takeaway

We were all rocked by the COVID pandemic and if you’re looking to kickstart the rest of the new decade with positivity and health, then you’re on the right track. Switch up your mindset and commit to yourself and you’ll be on the way in no time.

Lots of love,