affordable black lipstick by brand Danimer is laying on top of the fashion magazine

When it comes to lip makeup winter is all about those bold and unusual lipstick colors: deep purples, cold browns, and 'vampy' reds — the options are endless! But there is one classic color that sticks out most from the others — Gothic black. You'll be surprised, but matte black lipstick is a "universally" flattering color that looks great on every complexion. Therefore it is a must for any lipstick enthusiast. Today I'm going to review the Danimer Black Lipstick* - the perfect 'statement' lipstick to treat your inner Goth this winter.

affordable black lipstick by brand Danimer is laying on top of the fashion magazine

The formula of the lipstick is smooth and moisturizing, it applies evenly to the lips. The main thing we all look for in a good lipstick is pigmentation and staying power. The lipstick by Danimer is not opaque, unfortunately, but buildable, so you can always apply a few extra coats of lipstick to get rich pigmentation. To make your lip makeup extra neat use regular black eye kohl to line your lips first.

Then fill in the desirable lip shape and apply the black lipstick, clean up the edges with the help of concealer or foundation. I would say that the shade is neutral but is leaning a bit towards the warm side and the finish is very beautiful, smooth, and matte. You can easily transform this matte finish into a luminous eye-catching finish by adding your favorite lip gloss over the lipstick.

diptych of two Liz Breygel's selfies with a close-up on black lip look

Overall I really liked this lipstick and I doubt that I will wear it just in the winter, I'm going to wear it all year round. Danimer Lipstick is a very dark 'vampy' shade, but it looks very seductive and surprisingly feminine. It has a lovely formula and it is available in 4 beautiful shades: true red, antique bronze, violet, and black. I'll talk to you again very soon. Hugs and kisses!

Lots of love,