close up of legs in jeans and socks wearing white basic sneakers

If you were asked what your favorite type of footwear is, what would you answer? I would definitely say that basic white sneakers are my go-to choice. Most of the time I prefer comfort over the exterior appeal, however, it is not the case with white sneakers. These shoes aren’t only adaptable to most looks and styles, but also quite good looking. Aren’t they? Here are a few interesting ideas to style your favorite pair of white sneakers, just in case you need a bit of fashion guidance.

a pair of white basic sneakers in the studio on a plain background

Outfit Idea #1: White Tee + Boyfriend Jeans + White Sneakers

I propose to begin with the most obvious, nonetheless, the most wearable and casual look, which consists of a basic white t-shirt, a pair of boyfriend jeans, and feature white sneakers. Such an easy-going outfit is going to be perfect for a long day out both at work, or on a shopping quest with friends. To make the outfit even more interesting, opt for a distressed pair of boyfriends, or you can always substitute them with skinny jeans.

Outfit Idea # 2: Oversized Sweater + Plissé Skirt + White Sneakers

The second styling idea may seem less obvious, and therefore more original. I believe I have stumbled upon it somewhere on my Pinterest feed and simply had to share it with you. An oversized knitted sweater will give this outfit a slightly sloppy, relaxed vibe while a flowing plissé skirt will emphasize feminine lines. A pair of comfortable white sneakers will take this look to the next level of comfort.

close up of legs in jeans and socks wearing white basic sneakers

Outfit Idea # 3: High-waisted Khaki Joggers + Crop Top + White Sneakers

Moving from feminine outfits to something just as casual, but more sporty. A pair of high-waisted khaki joggers can be rocked casually, or worn to the gym. Pair them with a dark-gray crop top, and layer a camouflage bomber jacket over the top. The final fashion accord, as always, goes to the pair of white basic sneakers. This is going to look great, and allow you to feel free throughout the day.

Outfit Idea # 4: Classic Black Suit + White Button Up Shirt + White Sneakers

Who said you can’t look chic and classy in white sneakers? Of course, it all depends on the shoe model you are going for. If you are styling your office suit with sneakers, choose a simple model without extravagant details or a chunky platform. A very basic, button-up shirt will accomplish this look on a simple note.

a pair of white basic sneakers in the studio on a plain background

Outfit Idea # 5: Black Mini Dress + White Sneakers

You rarely will find a fashionista without a little black dress in her capsule wardrobe, therefore, for the last look, I propose you style it with a pair of white sneakers. If an all-black dress and a pair of white sneakers don’t look too appealing to you, choose a black dress with a petite white print, to balance the look. A few grunge accessories will add an alternative twist to the look.

It could be a fine line between your personal comfort, and the style you are going for. But, I still believe we shouldn’t sacrifice anything for the sake of fashion and good looks. All five outfits are easy to pull off, and I believe everyone will find a way to add a personal raising to it. And, what are your thoughts? Please, let me know how you like to wear your white sneakers.

Lots of love,