a beautiful curvy woman in posing on a sofa in a yellow dress
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A dress is a great type of clothing for a woman that gives femininity, tenderness and even adds some mystery to the image of a lady. If you choose the right style, then you can easily make your figure more elegant. So, in this article, we are going to tell you which dresses to choose for a curvy figure. To begin with, we will define the criteria for how to choose the best one for plus-size women, and then we will tell you what rules you need to follow when choosing curve clothing.

How to Choose the Most Flattering Dress for Curves?

There are several criteria that you need to focus on to find your perfect variant. Among them:

  • the silhouette and its style;
  • the sleeve;
  • fabric type, material density;
  • color of the fabric, print;
  • the shape of the neckline and skirt;
  • the length.

a beautiful curvy woman in a short dress and hees is posing on the street
Photo: Johnathan Kaufman

What Silhouette is the Best for a Curvy Girl?

First of all, the dress should sit well on the figure and repeat its contours, or let it be one centimeter wider than the real body size. Make sure, the dress emphasizes your waist and things. When choosing your dream dress, pay extra attention to the silhouette. Women with large breasts are especially recommended to pay attention to them. A great option for curvy women will be a model of a long straight cut. It will visually make the silhouette taller and, accordingly, slimmer. 

Another universal model that suits curvy women is a flared dress from the chest. This model looks very gentle, easy, and romantic. It is ideal for going to a restaurant, for walking on summer evenings or trips to the sea. Dresses in the Greek style are one of the main finds of designers. They look great and give femininity and luxury.

Which Sleeve is Better to Choose?

When choosing an outfit, plus-size women sometimes face an unacceptable sleeve style. The ideal sleeve length is 3/4 or longer, straight cut, without cuffs and elastic bands. A bat sleeve will also look good, as such style will hide the line of the hands and adjust the silhouette.

beautiful curvy woman is wearing pink dress and posing in a studio
Photo: RODNAE Productions

What Fabric Should a Dress be Made of for Curvy Ladies?

We recommend choosing fabrics that hold the shape perfectly and softly fit the body. If you want to add airiness to your image, choose clothes made of a thin flowing (but not transparent) fabric. The material should be matte.

What Should be the Color of a Dress for a Curvy Woman?

Picking up a dress for a woman is a whole art. It is important that it serves as a decoration for her and emphasizes all her advantages. There is a classic statement that dark colors hide the size, and light colors visually increase. But this does not mean that plus-size girls should wear clothes only in dark shades. On the contrary, try to choose clothes of bright juicy shades. By the way, dresses with large prints and drawings are in fashion now. So, to remain a fashionable and beautiful lady with a full figure, you should choose clothes with large flower patterns. Fabrics with a vertically directed print and with various geometric shapes are good variants too.

Do you like nautical or formal themes? Choose a lush dress in a small cage or stripe. It's great if the stripes are vertical. By the way, try to choose a model in medium peas, that should not be small and large, so as not to distort perception. Decorative elements arranged vertically are also welcome: a row of buttons of medium size and contrasting to the main color, long zippers, cuts, leather inserts.

Another good idea is to give preference to deep colors: chocolate, dark blue, burgundy, plum, eggplant, or black. Bright jewelry, various scarves, bracelets, and even capes will help you add brightness to the image.

beautiful curvy woman in posing in a short dress
Photo: RODNAE Productions

Choosing a Dress With the Right Neckline

The shape of the neck plays an important role in choosing a dress for a curvy lady. The shape of the neckline should be U or V-type, or "drop-shape". They will make the neck more elegant and emphasize the body shapes.

Which Length of a Dress to Choose for Plus-size Women

When choosing a dress for curvy women, it is necessary to pay attention to its length. It is good if the thing is up to the middle of the knees or slightly lower. This length is optimal and makes the figure slim.

In conclusion, we would like to add, that every woman can look very beautiful. The main task is to find the right option among a huge variety, that will perfectly suit you and that you will like. We hope that in this article, we told you how to choose a dress for curvy women and what style, color and length are ideal. So, now it is time for experiments and for searches. Have a good shopping!