five stainless steel plates for nail stamping stacked on top of a picture frame

Hey, lovelies, I heard that Halloween is just around the corner. Has Jack-o'-lantern knocked at your doors already? Some say this year All Hallows' Eve is promised to be especially spooky. This only means we have to be ready for the creepiest experiences. All jokes aside, have you already thought about your Halloween costume for the party? Some prefer going full Halloween mode head-to-toe, while others stop with a set of frightening nails. For all of those who prefer the second option, here are my favorite 5 nail stamping plates by Born Pretty that will help you to prepare your nails for the upcoming Halloween party.

a close-up of stainless steel nail stamping plate for halloween

  • #1. Halloween L010 Nail Stamping Plate*

Let's start with the spookiest of them all – a stainless steel stamping plate called Halloween L010. It features 14 unique patterns for your nails that will surely inspire you to give your nails a Halloween makeover. Here you'll find classic silhouettes of cats and witches, scary skeletons and ghosts, and, my favorite, vampiric lips. You'll only need to choose your favorite design, prep your nails, and stamp on the pattern – and your Halloween nail look is done!

a close-up of stainless steel nail stamping plate for halloween

  • #2. Nicole Diary 076 Nail Stamping Plate*

This is one of the oldest and most favorite nail stamping plates by Born Pretty I have in my collection. This plate also features 14 patterns for a very simple, yet spooky nail look. I used it for one of my low-key grunge nail looks and really liked the results. You can use it to cover every single one of your fingernails or to add 'messy' accents to your middle and ring fingers. 

a close-up of stainless steel nail stamping plate for halloween

  • #3. Artist L005 Nail Stamping Plate*

For those of you who prefer an avant-garde approach to manicuring Born Pretty has several stamping plates with distinctive designs. Artist L005 is one of them and, in my opinion, it is a perfect match for the Halloween mood! The plate features 24 mini designs themed around romance, crime, and other nocturnal activities. You are free to choose designs that fit your costume or your current spirit.

a close-up of stainless steel nail stamping plate for halloween

  • #4. Nicole Diary 008 Nail Stamping Plate*

The next plate is not your regular Halloween stamping material. It has nothing spooky, mysterious, or scary about it. However, it has a bunch of leaves, flowers, and simple patterns ideal for the classic fall nail look. You can use them to complete your pumpkins and treats, adding little foliage here and there as a  pleasant bonus. 

a close-up of stainless steel nail stamping plate for halloween

  • #5. Nicole Diary 090 Nail Stamping Plate*

And, lastly, another favorite of mine – Nicole Diary 090 with a mystical, witchcraft-based theme. To see this cutie in action take a look at my Cosmic Witch-inspired nail tutorial. The results were stunning and it was so easy to use! This plate is going to help you create your Wiccan look or, maybe you plan to show up as an alien at the Halloween party?

Final Thoughts...

Halloween is an exciting time of year when you can relax and dive into the spookiness without any second thoughts. And, whether you prefer your costume to stand out or choose to emphasize your nails, or give your makeup look a Halloween twist, it is always nice to add some spice to your everyday life. I wish you all to have a wonderful time, we need to chill at the end of such an intense year. 

Keep calm, continue trick or treating, and carry on! And, if you would like to treat yourself or your loved ones with some gems from the Born Pretty don't forget to use code Anniv20 in the period from September 24th and end on September 30th. You'll get 20% off your purchase sitewide and a Free Surprise Gift!

Lots of Love,
Bloody Liz