Let’s Grow Together

As a content writer and blogger, I appreciate and value every single collaboration opportunity. I always welcome new brands, small businesses, and creators like myself, who search for new ways to learn and grow hand in hand. For these reasons, I may occasionally accept blog posts, and links, and place clickable banners on my blog. I believe that the content should be both valuable and useful to readers, and will only accept it in this case.

If you are a brand, company, or small business and would like to contact me regarding PR samples or any other work opportunity, please, feel free to email me at liza.breygel@gmail.com. I will contact you back in no time!

What is PR Sample?

PR Sample is a product/tool/service, which is sent to bloggers and journalists for a test drive, with a future possibility of mentioning or promotion. As of March 2014 anything marked with an asterisk (*) indicates that the product has been sent to me as a PR sample for review consideration.

I promise to give my honest opinion and I would never say that I like the product just because it was a "freebie".

Let’s Chat

If you would like to contact me, ask a question, or simply say 'hi' please don't hesitate and email me at liza.breygel@gmail.com. I will be happy to talk to you. For a small chat, you can simply tweet me, my Twitter account is @LizBreygel. I always reply to all the tweets and mentions, see you there! Additionally, you can find my social media by clicking on the corresponding images on the footer to the left.