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Alexandrite Why People Love This Unique Stone

Fire Agate and Alexandrite necklace

Of all the gorgeous gemstones to be found on our amazing planet, alexandrite is perhaps the most enchanting of all. Chrysoberyl is the technical name for this yellowish gemstone that comes with a tinge of green, and fine examples are used to cut stones for jewellery. The unique thing about alexandrite is that its colour changes when viewed from a different angle, which is largely due to twinned crystals that have a hexagonal appearance, and what’s more, this colour changing occurs in both natural and artificial light.

Alexandrite Makeup Tutorial | June Birthstone

beauty angel makeup blogger liz breygel

Hi everyone, it is time for a new step by step makeup tutorial inspired by mysterious birthstone of month June. When I was small I owned a very simple, but beautiful ring with a small Alexandrite gemstone. This stone is often described as “emerald by day, ruby by night”, because of it`s rare ability to change color - from a light, almost transparent sky blue shade under the sun lights, to a rich grape purple under the artificial light. This unique color looks especially breathtaking on brown, amber and tile green eyes. Inspired by this exclusivity, I`ve created a very simple and wearable Alexandrite Makeup Tutorial and you can easily recreate this makeup look following these easy steps.