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Vampire Halloween Makeup Tutorial | Easy SFX Vampire Bite Mark

maquiagem para halloween vampira como fazer maquiagem  de vampiro gotica passo a passo

Hey lovelies, can you hear that weird and disturbing sounds? I guess that it Halloween creeping towards the back door, waiting for the perfect time and place to begin trick-or-treating ritual. Did you know that All Hollows Eve is one of the oldest celebrations in the world. It is believed to be originated over 2000 years ago from ancient Celtic harvest festivals and brought to the United States by immigrants from Europe in the late 1920's. Today Halloween is the most popular and beloved autumnal festivals, associated with traditional activities such as pumpkin hunting, ghosting and dressing up in sinister costumes.

12 Colors Greasepaint Palette | Review & Swatches

liz breygel born pretty store party makeup beauty palette beauty blogger
liz breygel born pretty store party makeup beauty palette beauty blogger
liz breygel born pretty store party makeup beauty palette beauty blogger
liz breygel born pretty store party makeup beauty palette beauty blogger

First Row ( left to right) : Gold (shimmer), Silver (shimmer), Terracotta, Cobalt Blue, Emerald, Teal
Second Row (left to right) : Black, Classic Red, Coral Red, Purple, Yellow and White.

It is always so exciting to receive a brand new makeup palette and even though the next Halloween Event will return to us only the next year, time to time I get the urge to get creative with my makeup. Today I want to show you a very special Sua Mei 12 Colors Greasepaint Palette* - a perfect makeup palette for those, who like to play around with their makeup and use their imagination. This palette is a must - have for every makeup artists' kit, so let me tell you more about it.

The Sua Mei Greasepaint Palette comes in a clear plastic container, it may be a little bit too basic, but I find it super comfortable to use, plus the little pleasant bonus - after you run out of the greasepaint you can use the container again to store your favorite loose eye shadows or lipsticks. The palette features 12 various cream colors and each section holds 2,5 g (0.09 oz) of the product. 

What is greasepaint? It is basically a well pigmented oil - based makeup product, something like a full coverage concealer, but comes in a different shades.The greasepaint makeup is usually used for theatrical performances or in SFX makeup industry, but I think the 12 Colors Greasepaint Palette turn out to be very useful during Halloween holidays. It is super easy and fun to recreate any iconic Halloween  makeup using this palette. You can use all of these wonderful colors all over your face and body, play around with the product, mixing the colors together to get any desirable shade or even add it to your foundation or lipstick. Greasepaint products are oily, so in order to last longer on the skin, they should be applied on a well prepared skin and set with a powder.

The Sua Mei Greasepaint Palette contains the following twelve colors, they don`t have an `official` names, but this is how I would describe them to you: Gold (shimmer), Silver (shimmer), Terracotta, Cobalt Blue, Emerald Green, Teal, Black, Classic Red, Coral Red, Yellow and White. When I first swatches the colors on my hand they were a little bit too greasy and shiny and turned to be less pigmented than they really were. The weather was super hot that day, so the colors literally `melted` in my container, but after I cooled down the palette in the fridge the colors looked brighter. Some of the colors from the palette look less pigmented, but overall I was surprised with the intensity of the swatches.

I think this is a good palette to do a costume makeup for a party or just for fun, the Sua Mei Greasepaint Palette is easy to use and contains all the shades you`ll need to recreate the most creative makeup ideas. It retails for $10,99 but don`t forget to use a special code LIZH10 to receive 10 % discount on your purchase, click the banner below to check out the whole range of beauty and fashion products.

Lots of love,
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