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Boho Chic Style | How To Style & Wear Boho Outfit?

bohemian boho chis style trend outfit ideas summer 2017 fashion breygel

Bohemian Chic is one of the most feminine and romantic style in fashion industry. Originally Bohemians were travelers or refugees from central Europe (the French word bohémien translates as "Gypsy" or "Roma people") and the word "chic" was also borrowed from French language, meaning style or elegant. This style started to develop it`s significant features in the middle to late 1960's and early 1970's with a huge help of hippie movement and their lifestyle. By the end of 2005 Boho collections invaded almost every fashion store in the biggest fashion capitals of the worlds - London, New York, Milan and Paris. Since then Boho style comes back to the runway shows every spring - summer season bringing back those flowing silhouettes, multi layered elements and huge amount of ringing jewelry back in our lives.

bohemian boho chis style trend outfit ideas summer 2017 fashion breygel

Aporia. AS Gray Off-shoulder Batwing Crew Neck Tribal Sweatshirt
Aporia. AS Coffee Boho Stripes Shirred Wide Leg Pants

What Are The Main Elements of the Boho Style?

• Boho look is flowing, layered and colorful, but the colors are always natural and calm - earthy reds and oranges, and dark greens. Boho style also allows to wear light pastels and neutral color combos like gray, beige and brown.

• Ethnic and tribal inspired prints, floral motives and eclectic hints are the most popular Boho patterns.

• As for the footwear Boho Style allows to wear everything that is comfortable and breezy for summer - Roman and Greek inspired sandals, ballet flats, for cooler days it is an ankle boots, cowboy boots or knee - high hippie boots.

• Materials and fabrics used to create a boho outfit are just as important as the accessories. Boho gives it`s preference to natural fabrics - silk, cotton, linen, denim, wool. Crocheted, lace and knitted textures are a staples of boho style.

•  Over accessorizing is a main feature of boho chic. Bracelets, heavy earrings and layered necklaces - bohemians wear them all together, combining natural stones and wooden elements with metals. Tasseled handbags, floral headbands and scarves are the most popular Boho choices.

bohemian boho chis style trend outfit ideas summer 2017 fashion breygel

Aporia. AS Slash Neck Geometric Ruffled Short Sleeve Casual Blouse
 Aporia. AS Fringed Faux Suede Boho Solid Asymmetrical Mini Skirt

How To Wear Boho Style?
Wearing bohemian style is not the easiest task, as any other fashion style boho chic has it`s own rules and tricks. But you will easily pull off Boho outfit knowing these little secrets. When building your Boho Chic wardrobe start with garments in natural tones  and fabrics. Try not to include more than four - five colors combinations in your outfit, especially if your garment is already bright and catchy.

Choose silhouettes that will emphasize your personality and will look beautiful on your figure, but don`t forget to think about the comfort. The main idea of Boho Chic is to feel free and comfortable and live in harmony with nature. Flowy clothes, maxi dresses and wide leg pants are a perfect example of comfortable clothes. Boho is perfect casual style, you can go for a walk with your date, family and friends, you can wear Boho at home and even at work. Try to play around and interpret boho chic into your lifestyle and you won`t change it for nothing.

bohemian boho chis style trend outfit ideas summer 2017 fashion breygel

JIANSHAN White Boho Tribal Embroidered Lace Up Blouse
Morena RosaPurple Abstract Printed Boho 2-way Maxi Skirt

Boho Chic style fits just right as a casual summer style - it is relaxed, creative and liberating. Free your mind, don`t be afraid to be a bohemian goddess, following the ideas of peace and love and be connected to the our mother nature. To learn more about it spring - summer 2017 fashion trends at StyleWe - my favorite fashion store that features the best fashion pieces created by a famous designers.

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Summer 2017 Wardrobe Essentials

When it comes to essential wardrobe items it seems like you need a lot of pieces to complete few outfits. But in fact there aren't many pieces you need for a stylish summer look. From the comfortable bodysuit to the tassel bikini, meet and greet top fashion picks that will help you to look your best this summer and provide a basic foundation for your outfits. While creating this post I tried to consider major spring-summer 2017 season trends and transform them into wearable looks.

what to wear spring summer 2017 trend hot fashion

• Pink Girly Ruffled Off Shoulder Crop Top
• Feel the Magic White Floral Halter Dress
• White Crochet Off Shoulder Top
• Red Bandage Fringes Bikini
• Just Star Multicolor Sweet Tote
• JiaLinu Camel Chunky Heel Dress Heels
• Faiccia White Chunky Heel Leather Heels

The Off-Shoulder 

The Off - Shoulder neckline is probably the biggest trend this summer season. You can spot it basically on any fashion piece - tops, swimwear, dresses and even jackets. You can easily style your wardrobe for summer by adding few items with these tasseled, ruffled and floral interpretation of this trend.


Forget about slip - ons and sneakers and show of your beautiful toes and neat pedicure wearing platform and chunky heel sandals. Check out StyleWe shoes gallery for the best summer 2017 footwear trends.

Printed Tote Bags

It is impossible to live without carry-all tote-bag, especially at summer! Were would you put all your beach necessities, books, magazines and water bottle? You definitely need a trusty tote bag with cute print to carry all these items.

what to wear spring summer 2017 trend hot fashion

• Dark Days Black Short Sleeve Bodysuit
• Spaghetti Solid Velvet Dress
• Black Spaghetti Overall Dress
• CROWEDAISY Black Casual Summer Sandals
• Mirui White Dress Chunky Heel Leather Sandals
• Faiccia Brown Platform Casual Sneakers
• ShuCai Medium Brown  Leather Backpack


Bodysuits are a must have item for your closet at the moment, they are super popular among celebrities and designers. No wonder why bodysuit trend is so hot, you can transform any outfit and make it ultra chic if you choose a right model for your body type. Replace your old top with a comfy bodysuit and be trendy this summer.

Spaghetti Strap Dress

One of the biggest fashion trend at the moment is a slip spaghetti strap dresses and every fashionista need to own at least one of these. Velvet, satin, silk or even cotton, it can be worn at day or night. Try to choose a classic black and white dresses for a formal occasion, plus it literally takes no space in your wardrobe or case.

Of course you will need to fill in the gaps with some basic tops, jeans and shorts, depending on your personal style preference and your wardrobe taste. That`s all for today guys, I hope you liked my Summer 207 Wardrobe Essentials post. All the fashion pieces I mentioned today and other items and accessorizes you can find online at StyleWe store. Start preparing your wardrobe for an upcoming summer season together with Just Fashion Now - an online fashion store that is featuring the hottest fashion pieces by a famous designers.
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Spring / Summer 2017 Hottest Fashion Trends

Spring / Summer 2017 Hottest Stylewe rompers tankini swimwear Fashion Trends blogger liz breygel

SikyaBlack Stripes Wool Blend Simple Sweater Dress
NEXIIABlue Long Sleeve Buttoned Stripes Crew Neck Coat
ToyouthCasual Embroidered Long Sleeve Sweater
iioikooGray Statement Stripes Cotton-blend T-Shirt

Spring / Summer 2017 Hottest Stylewe knitwear  tankini swimwear Fashion Trends blogger liz breygel

SikyaPink Raglan Sleeve Plain V Neck Simple Sweater
SikyaBlack Knitted Raglan Sleeve V Neck Sweater
SikyaKnitted Casual Solid Balloon Sleeve Wool Blend Sweater

Spring / Summer 2017 Hottest Stylewe rompers tankini swimwear Fashion Trends blogger liz breygel

THINKING JAZZ White Plain Spandex One-Pieces
Venus QueenBlack Halter Nylon Plain One-Piece
KDILONPurple Cut-outs Stripes One-Piece
SaslaxCheckered/Plaid Color-block Halter Padded One-Piece

There is no rest for fashion industry, so clean up some extra space in your littered wardrobe and get ready for some bold colors, geometric prints and flowing silhouettes, because this is what`s trending for Spring / Summer 2017 fashion season. The new fashion season will be all about practicality and coziness wrapped in a bright yellow and fuchsia colors and see - through tulle fabrics. The Spring / Summer catwalk shows were overloaded with ruffles and delicate velvet textures, like most of the 90s trends they are slowly transitioning from the Fall / Winter 2016 catwalks with some extra twist.

Stripes and multicolor prints are another major trend of the Spring / Summer 2017 fashion season and will be present everywhere and in every style you can possibly imagine. Don`t hide your favorite knitted items yet, because you can use them as trendy accessories this spring. Drape the sweater over your shoulders or tie it around your waist to give your outfit an old - fashioned cozy look and stay warm during the last cold days of the spring.

Jumpsuits and cute rompers have made their significant comeback into the fashion life and our wardrobes during the Fall / Winter 2017 and will stay with us till the summer of this year. Rompers come in different styles, shapes and colors and even though romper is not the easiest fashion piece to pull off it look awesome with an elegant accessories and comfy shoes. StyleWe is an online fashion platform that features independent fashion designers and their best creations, you will find a wide variety of trendy dresses, sportswear, shoes and accessories that you can wear on a daily basis and special occasions.

Don`t forget to get ready for the upcoming beach season by adding few trendy swimsuits to your swimwear collection. The new trend for  Spring / Summer 2017  is a tankini swimwear. Tankini swimsuits are more comfortable and practical, yet beautiful and stylish. It was named after a popular tank suits, one-piece bathing costumes of the 1920s worn in tanks or swimming pools. The tankini swimwear was first introduced in the late 1990s and basically it is a well - known spandex top combined with a cute bikini bottom. Tankini swimwear is very popular among athletes, because you don`t need to worry about loosing your bikini top while having a great time on the beach - playing volleyball, swimming, boating and doing other outdoor activities.
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How to Dress In the Provence Style

How to Dress In the Provence Style  Blushfashion StyleWe dresses liz breygel blogger
How to Dress In the Provence Style  Blushfashion StyleWe dresses liz breygel blogger

Blushfashion V Neck Plain Polyester Spaghetti Evening Maxi Dress

How to Dress In the Provence Style  Blushfashion StyleWe dresses liz breygel blogger

Blushfashion Ivory Off Shoulder Swing Elegant Lace Evening Dress

How to Dress In the Provence Style  Blushfashion StyleWe dresses liz breygel blogger

Blushfashion Pink Backless Sequins 3/4 Sleeve Sparkling Mini Dress

Probably every girl nowadays dreams on having a Provence themed wedding ceremony, but I assure you there is no need to wait for your wedding day to experience the romantic atmosphere of Southern French countryside. Provence is a unique fashion style and it is hard to imagine more feminine and delicate casual attire for an everyday life. Today I want to share with you few fashion tips on how to style your outfit according to the Provence traditions.

Relaxed floral prints, flowing fabrics and pastel palettes are the staples of traditional French Provence style. Forget about the pants and jeans and substitute them with mini and maxi skirts made of the softest chiffon or cotton fabrics. Lace and knitwear is another option that is frequently used in Provence. Keep your style simple, graceful and comfortable - over sized shapes, off-the-shoulder blouses and dresses and layers are just what you need. Talking about the color palettes - the colors should be as delicate and sweet as possible. Try to deny all the bright and screaming shades replacing them with a natural pastel tones: lavender, dusty rose and faded green and beige-to-brown shades are the best color options for this style.

Sheryll Raz Gold an owner and fashion designer at Blushfashion created a unique fashion pieces that will help you to dive into the peaceful mood of French Provence. There is a huge collection of the best vintage clothing which are perfect for any special occasion, wedding, evening party or casual dinner. I gathered my favorite dresses by Blushfashion to demonstrate you the simplicity and effeminacy of the Provence style.

Check out the best fashion Items of Thanksgiving Day - an inspirational style gallery by StyleWe shopping platform. StyleWe is featuring independent fashion designers and their best creations, you will find a wide variety of trendy dresses, sportswear, shoes and accessories that you can wear on a daily basis or to any formal occasion. Choose the best romantic dress to compliment your style and figure, add a few modest accessories and comfortable peasant shoes and your Provence outfit is ready.
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Winter 2017 Trend: Jumpsuits Are Back!

stylewe buy fashion clothing online breygel

 Zijue Navy Blue Half Sleeve Plain Crew Neck Jumpsuit
・Anne ChenGreen Linen Plain Casual Overall
・Jafa Gray Vintage Checkered Pockets Overall
・Lonyuash White Pockets Short Sleeve Plain Shirt Collar Jumpsuit
・Yilinyi Gray Square Neck Sleeveless Stripes Bow Cotton Linen Jumpsuit

Did you know that jumpsuit was originally referred to the highly functional one - piece clothing and was widely used by skydivers and factory workers. Who would have thought that starting from the 1960s, jumpsuits will suddenly become so attractive to a high fashion designers. By the 1980's one - piece jumpsuits, playsuits and rompers have conquered the world of fashion and a special place in the fashionistas` hearts. The jumpsuit combines style, comfort and eliminates the problem of matching top with the bottom - perfection!

Whether it is a tight - fitting leather jumpsuits, girlish and delicate rompers or casual overalls one of the most comfortable fashion item has made it`s significant comeback into our lives and wardrobes and promised to stay there till the Spring / Summer of 2017. And you should not avoid this trend-worthy style this winter, rock the jumpsuit outfit this winter together with Kendall Jenner, Victoria Beckham and other top models and famous celebrities.

Many will agree that jumpsuit is not the easiest fashion piece of clothing to pull off, but like any other fashion item cool jumpsuits come in many styles and colors and all you need to make this statement item work for you is to style it properly. StyleWe.com is offering a wide variety of trendy jumpsuits, overalls and rompers that you can wear on a daily basis or during the formal occasion. Choose a plain and sleek style that compliments your figure and add few elegant accessories to complete your outfit. Pair your favorite onesie with a sport shoes and here is your comfortable outfit for everyday. Jumpsuit is truly a versatile fashion clothing, it can be worn in multiple seasons and it looks beautiful on any figure.
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