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How to Look Like a Beauty Influencer?

how to be beauty blogger lifestyle beauty tips

Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

Let’s call a spade a spade – we all long for that flawless lit from within skin, perfect even-toned complexion as well as slaying makeup looks. There used to be a time when we roamed the drugstores and makeup stores aimlessly, trying new products, sometimes hitting the jackpot and other times failing miserably. It wasn’t that long ago, but it seems like ancient history. Now, we have our beloved and trusty beauty bloggers, our gorgeous peers to steer us in the right direction, provide us with the best advice, tell it like it is, and often show us exactly how to get that look – God bless reviews and tutorials. It’s true, most of the members of the younger generation won’t even consider purchasing a product unless it has their favorite blogger’s stamp of approval. So, today, we are bringing you some top notch advice from some of the most influential beauty gurus, so follow them, let them guide you and achieve the looks you covet and crave so much.

[Day 26] Typical Beauty Blogger Problem | Things Every Beauty Blogger Should Know

30 thirty day days beauty blogger challenge
Picture by Lauren Mancke
Hi everyone and happy Friday, I hope you are doing great and ready for day number 26 of my 30 Days Beauty Blogger Challenge. I've been blogging since May of 2013 and had many successes and failures throughout my path. Today I want to share with you some of the most common problems I have encountered as a beauty blogger, while working with beauty brands, fashion stores and creating new content. And of course give you some tips that will help you to avoid these issues.

[Day 14] Five Favorite Blogs To Read

beauty fashion blog bloggers to ready check out today

Hi everyone, today I'm going to share with you my top five favorite blogs, that I read time to time. To tell the truth it was a very complicated task to choose only five blogs, especially because some of the bloggers stopped posting their content regularly and I really wanted you to check them out. But, despite of that, I still come back to these resources for some inspiration and that's why I included them in my today's blog post.

[Day 6] Blogging Essentials For Productive Work

liz breygel 30 thirty days beauty blogger challenge january girl lizbreygel.com

You certainly may not need a fancy setting, most powerful computer system and BarcaLounger to create an informative and interesting blog post, but there are few simple things that can make your creative process easier and more enjoyable. Today is day six of my 30 Days Blogger Challenge and I'm going to talk about you my blogging essentials that help me to keep my work fun and productive. 

[Day 2] My Blogging Routine

My Blogging Routine blog organization blog posts schedule how to january girl successful blog
Picture by Corinne Kutz
Blogging is a difficult task, that demands concentration, inspiration and dedication, especially if you plan to work on your blog on a regular basis. In the very begging of my blogging journey it was very hard to catch the right rhythm and find an inspiration for my blog posts. Today I continue my 30 Day Blogger Challenge and I'm going to talk about my usual blogging routine, how I plan my blog posts and where I find inspiration and new interesting topics.

[Day 1] 30 Days Beauty Blogger Challenge

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Picture by Arnel Hasanovic
In the end of the previous year I have experienced a slow stagnation on my blog. I had no energy and inspiration to develop and provide a quality content here on January Girl. Everyday and every night I was thinking about this complicated blog moment and did not think of anything better, than to return back to the origins. To distract my very own mind and put this dysfunctional energy in more productive stream I've decided to challenge myself with a 30 Days Blog Challenge.