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Monthly Favorites | September

beauty haul, products love
beauty haul, products love, review

Ola, pretties! I don`t believe that September flew away already. I was hoping that autumn would be warm, but I literally feel the breath of the winter already. But my summer days are still forward, because I`m going to move in a very warm place very very soon. Any way, here is the list of my September Favorites. Enjoy:)

It was a love from the first sign. Color, texture, scent - this lipstick is a perfection. I really enjoy to use it. I think color fits with autumn time and caring formula of Essence lipstick moisturize my lips during the cold time. Very soon I will post a detail review of this lipstick, so don`t miss it.

Golden Rose Rich Color

Do you believe in one coat full coverage? I do! It really works, how they promise on the bottle. Golden Rose Rich Color is so pigmented and so bright. You don`t need more to put million coats and wait them to dry out. This nail polish dries out almost immediately. The brush has maxi size, to cover all your nail plate from the first swipe. Adorable!

One layer

I think this fragrance was made for autumn. It has some fruity, woody and spicy notes in the scent. It is very sweet, so maybe, not everyone would enjoy it, but I like and always carry in my bag. One more thing I like about it is a small and comfortable size.

Powder Brush by Ebelin

In my previous list of Monthly Favorites I was talking about Ebelin Foundation brush. I liked the quality and decided to try one more brush by Ebelin. This powder brush has a very big and comfortable holder and very soft, natural hairs (i think it is goat`s hair). Domed shape of Ebelin brush is perfect to put powder on the skin.

MaxFactor Clump Defy by False Lash Effect

And the last products in my September Favorites list is my new favorite mascara by Max Factor Clump Defy. If you need perfect separation and curly lashes you should definitely try it. You can look detail review and demonstration here.

Dears, thanks for reading me, that was my little September Favorites list. If you like my blog become my constant reader for more interesting posts. And what have you been loving lately?

Lots of love,

Drugstore Haul| Isabelle Dupont, Syoss, Nivea

drugstore beauty haul, shopping Drugstore Haul, beauty haul, drugstore products liz breygel january girl
drugstore products review, isabelle dupont, dove, syoss, nivea
drugstore products review, isabelle dupont, dove, syoss, nivea

Hey, beauties! Few days ago I went to the closest drugstore to buy some goodies for my hair. But the temptation to buy more things was to strong (it is so hard to be a girl). So, as a result, today I`m going to do my first drugstore haul. For some of these products I will do a detail review, so don`t miss them if you are interested. Let`s begin.

Nivea Volume Sensations Shampoo & Intense Repair Conditioner

I`m a big fan of Dove hair care products, but I wanted to try something new and stopped on hair care products by Nivea. Both products are cheap, but so amazing. Intense Repair Conditioner smells amazingly and nourish my hair very nice. I can`t say that Volume Sensations Shampoo gives a volume to my hair, but it is also a good product. I like very much.

Nivea Refreshing Cleansing Milk

Before I was using makeup remover by L`oreal. But that product never could be compared with Nivea Cleansing Milk. Now I`m such a big fan of this makeup remover. It perfectly removes my makeup without any "panda" circles around my eyes. It is not oily, as Lo`real Perfection Milk, and smells so much better. I would buy it again and again and recommend for everyone at least to try it!

Dove Go Fresh Cucumber & Green Tea Scent Deodorant 

I always liked deodorants by Dove, but as my favorite one doesn't appear on the drugstore`s shelves anymore, I was need to find a good substitution. So I just chose one with a pleasant smell. It was Dove Go Fresh deodorant, which has a very good and fresh smell of cucumber and green tea. Yes, I know, you will ask me: "Hey, girl, but you hate cucumber`s scents". Yes I do, but this deodorant smells more like a green tea :P That is why I like it.

Syoss Silicone Free Mask & Syoss Volume Lift Hair Spray

I`m not a big fan of the smell, but I really don`t imagine the life of my hair without these products. Mask is simply amazing, so moisturizing and light at the same time. It is a part of my hair care routine. Syoss mask smells like a flowers and grass. And this Volume Lift hair spray is the best hair spray ever. Nothing works nice on my hair, but it does miracle things!

Palmolive Thermal Spa Skin Renewal Shower Gel

The only question I ask about this product is - why? Why I never tried this magic in the bottle before? It is not just an usual gel, but very gentle shower exfoliator. I even think those little granulas are natural. And the smell, I ca talk about these gentle chocolate coconut smell for hours! And this gorgeous smell stays on the skin for a long time after shower. The consistency of Thermal Spa gel is milky and runny and it doesn't dry the skin, but makes it very soft. Girls, go and try this gel, when you`ll have an opportunity, you will love it, I bet.

Isabelle Dupont Nail Polish

I never tried products by Isabelle Dupont, but always wanted. And I decided to start from nail polishes. I owned two shades - very bright pink and creamy white colors. I`m going to show you how they look on the nails and how long they last, so stay with me to don`t miss my review (here)

Isana Lip Balm & Makeup Sponge by Ebeline

And final products are lip balm by Isana and Ebelin makeup sponge. This lip balm is a simple one with a light vanilla scent and regular moisturizing formula. I've been hearing about this egg sponge for such a long time and, finally, decided to try it out. I hope I will like to use it.

Well, ladies, this was my drugstore haul. If you liked it don`t forget to follow my blog. I`ll see you very soon, dears. Bye, bye:)

Lots of love,
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Monthly Favorites | August

astor make up foundation foundation brush ebelin dove hand cream review swatches beauty haul cosmetics haul

Hi there, beautiful ladies! Summer gone away so fast. For me it is the last summer in my county, because  I`m going to move away very soon. I so want to enjoy last hot days of this summer. Big changes are coming :) Any way, I decided to make a first post about my monthly favorites.

astor make up foundation foundation brush ebelin dove hand cream review swatches

1.  Astor Skin Match Fusion Make-Up
    30 ml /8,95 €

I will start with my top favorite product of this month. Since I live in a place, where summer months are very hot and sunny, skin needs a good protection from the ultraviolet rays, without melting. This Aston Skin Mach foundation really fuses with skin, it feels and looks very natural, as they promise on the package. It has SPF 20, exactly what our skin needs in summer time. I`m using 101 Rose Beige tone.

august 2014 favorites blogger astor foundation review

2. Ebelin Professional makeup & concealer brush
    3.95 €

This was my first Ebelin experience. I also owned few wisps of bust by Ebelin. The brush is very firm, but soft at the same time. It is very easy to wash it. Even though it`s white, it doesn't absorb color of foundation, so you don`t need to rub it hard to wash foundation away.

concealer foundation brush picture ebelin

3. Guhl Tiefen Aufbau & Schutz Kur mit Monoi-Öl
    125ml / 5,99 €

I know, this name sounds strange, but it is just a hair repair oil from gardenias flowers. It is such a good moisturizer for my dry hair. This oil is not washable - just put in on dry and clean hair to nourish them.  I love the smell and creamy structure. I will buy Guhl again definitely. 

4. Dove Deep Care Complex Handcreme
    75 ml / about 2,5 €

I`m a big fan of caring cosmetics by Dove. I like shampoos and body lotions. This Dove deep care hand cream was a big opening for me this month. Eeen though it contains a deep care complex, so it moisturaze the skin very well and kind heavy for summer time. I use just a small among of the creame to make both hands soft. It doesn`t leave any grease or oiliness on my skin. 

swach review

5. Fit Me Pressed Powder by Maybelline New York
    9g / about 6 

This powder lasts eternity! The structure is very soft and silky. It has little sparkles, so the skin looks glowing. I`m using 220 natural beige shade, but they have many colors to choose from. The price is also very good. The big advantage of this powder is SPF 15, which makes it my favorite.

Those were my monthly favorites of August, hope this post was interesting for you. It would be nice to know, if you have some favorites from this  month. Let me know in comments down below! Spend your last summer days with pleasure and benefit. See you very soon, ladies.

Lots of love,
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Garnier Pure Cleanser 3 in 1 + Face Brush by Ebelin

Ebelin Massage facial brush review garnier pure cleanse 3 in 1 review pictures
Brush by Ebelin
garnier skin naturals pure cleanser face wash ebelin face brush skin care routine

Good morning, dears! Today I will do a review on another Garnier cleanser. I`ve tried Pure Active Oil Control by Garnier before and even did a review on this cleanser. As I was very satisfied with the result, I decided to test Pure cleanser also. One more thing, which attracted me in this cleanser are ingredients. I think natural clay, salicylic acid and zinc are really good to control skin oil, heal the irritations and make the skin fresh and clean.

Pure 3 in 1 comes in standard cleanser tube with comfortable firm cover and pretty design. The texture of a products reminds me of a tooth paste with blue exfoliating grains. I think texture would be kind hard for people with sensitive skin, but I liked how it worked with my skin. Since you can use Skin Naturals Cleanser as mask, it dries out on the skin very fast and absorbs extra oil from the skin, making your skin matte. I don`t have problems with acne or extra oil on my skin, but I think this cleanser s very good to prevent such problems and simply to make your skin clean and fresh.The only defect I found in Pure 3 in 1 cleanser is it`s smell. I hate smell of cucumber, and this definitely smells like cucumber for me. It is not bad at all, just not my favorite.

I`m using this cleanser just as a scrub with my facial massage brush by Ebelin. I like that this brush comes with a transparent firm cover, which protects bristles from the dirt. Brush is not soft, but it cleans my face from blackheads and makes it very soft.

Girls, please tell me your opinion about Skin Naturals Pure Cleanser, if you tried. Did you like it? I heard it dries the skin, but I don`t feel any dryness. Are you? Thanks for being with me. See you later!

Lots of love,
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