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City Color Creamy Lips 'Chocolate Merlot' | Review & Swatches

dark gothic burgundy wine vampire lips lipstick
dark gothic burgundy wine vampire lips lipstick
dark gothic burgundy wine vampire lips lipstick
dark gothic burgundy wine vampire lips lipstick
dark gothic burgundy wine vampire lips lipstick

What is your favorite kind of wine? Everyone around me was always obsessed with white dry wine, but I have never shared the same feelings to this drink. As a sweet-tooth, I enjoy the sugary strength of dark, viscid red wine, usually used in the Divine Liturgy. I`m also a big fan of dark, burgundy lipstick and can wear it throughout the whole year, not minding the season behind the window. 'Chocolate Merlot'* is one of those lip colors, which I love the same way as the old-fashioned altar wine.

You may have heard about 'Chocolate Merlot' lipstick from my City Color Huge Makeup Haul. It comes in a classic liquid lipstick packaging with a soft sponge-tipped applicator. As a part of 'Creamy Lips' series it has a velvety texture and caring formula, that keeps your lips natural moisture well-preserved. My 'Chocolate Merlot' is a well-pigmented dark burgundy shade with a neutral undertone and semi matte finish. This haunting shade is perfect for those gloomy days, when you feel obsolete, but still want to look alluring.

The opacity of the lipstick is more sheer, than expected. I was hoping for a full coverage in one single layer, but it takes few swipes and a little bit of effort to build up a desirable bold and opaque lip look.  The lipstick applies easily on the lips, doesn't accentuate dry patches or fine lines. It doesn't feel heavy on the lips and, luckily, doesn't bleed out, however I still recommend you to use a lip pencil before applying the color on your lips. If you aren't a big lover of refined lip look, lightly dab the color onto your lips and you will get beautifully stained lip effect.

Well, I have never tried an actual chocolate merlot, but if its taste is just as delicious as the color, I'm definitely going to love this wine. It is safe to say that 'Chocolate Merlot' is an incredible long-lasting lip color. It feels comfortable and lightweight on the lips, has a divine scent of liquid chocolate and a sleek silky finish. I admit, that it is hard to achieve a perfect lip outline, but not everyone wears lipstick in this way. At the moment, Creamy Lips lipstick is available in 11 gorgeous shades: from summer approved tickled pink to everyday friendly nude lavender.

Lots of love,
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#Shelfie: Summer Beauty Highlights

amy goldsmith author summer beauty makeup glowing skin how to

While shopping for the perfect bikini can be stressful because finding the combination of “fits me well, won’t cost an arm and a leg, and wouldn’t give my father a heart-attack” is tough to find, beauty products are different. There’s nothing more relaxing than grabbing a cute new shade of lipstick or a delectably nourishing body lotion, and when we think of retail therapy, skincare and makeup is what stands out as truly relaxing.

City Color Cosmetics Huge Makeup Haul & First Impressions

liz breygel makeup cosmetics review before after demo test drive affordable budget friendly brand

Hi lovelies, are you ready for a huge makeup haul blog post? I'm super excited to introduce you this gorgeous makeup collection by City Color Cosmetics. It is not my first experience with this brands, I have tried their Matte Liquid Lipstick in beautiful shade called 'Homeslice' (detailed review with swatches here). City Color Cosmetics company was first introduced at IMATS LA 2013 as a high-quality and budget friendly beauty brand.

Coachella Beauty Festival Makeup Tutorial

boho indian inspired coachella makeup look brown eyes

Coachella is the most popular art, music and fashion festival in the world that brings together thousands of talented people together to celebrate diversity. This festival is a perfect place for all artistic people, who like to be different and express themselves through fashion, music and art pf makeup. Tired of boring casual fashion, social rules and everyday neutral makeup

How To Contour & Highlight Pale Skin | Soft Contouring & Highlighting Makeup Tutorial

before after contouring guide powder sculpting beginners guide

At times it is hard to find a natural looking sculpting products, but the actual contouring process can be just as difficult, especially if you have a fair skin. If you are not trying to look like Casper, but want to add some dimension to your face this blog post is for you. Today I'm going to talk about powder contouring for girls with light skin complexion, because I found this technique optimal for beginners, especially for beginners with pale skin.

I Tried Following Glam & Gore Makeup Tutorial | Industrial-toned Makeup Look

step by step gothic grunge makeup tutorial easy fast liz breygel january girl
I tried following [blank] makeup tutorial have quickly become a very popular beauty challenge among Youtube makeup community. Why not bring this little challenge into our cozy beauty bloggers' community? Today I tried following an Industrial-toned Makeup Tutorial by one of my all time favorite makeup guru Mikey from Glam & Gore Youtube channel and that's how it turned out!

I Tried Wearing Instagram Makeup For A Week | Instagram Face Challenge

one week 7 days instagram makeup face blogger

Around two days ago I was scrolling a Cosmopolitan web page and stabled across a very enthralling article by incredible Victoria Jowett called "I wore Instagram makeup for a week, and this is what happened...". The name of the article is self explanatory, you can check it here. Victoria was sharing her unusual everyday experience and how it changed, once she turned her makeup routine upside down and started wearing full face makeup, just like those beautiful Instagram makeup gurus.

Sexy Valentine's Day Makeup Look Step By Step Tutorial

hot pink smokey smoky eye makeup eyeliner date night out look

Oh Valentine's Day! Probably the most exciting, sweet and romantic day of a year. Everyone wants to look great and impress their partner on this special day. And sometimes the only thing you need to rock the night is a very sexy and breathtaking makeup look. Let's demonstrate our crazy makeup skills on Valentine's Day date! Follow my simple step by step tutorial to recreate this sexy and seductive eye makeup.

[Day 29] How I Did My Makeup In High School | Then Vs.Now

30 days beauty blogger challenge january girl liz breygel

High school is the best and the worse time of our lives. I definitely don't want to ever go back to high school, but with a huge interest want to analyse how I did my high school makeup. Welcome guys to the 29th day of my challenge and today we are going to go back in time and look at how horrible my makeup was about 10 years ago.

[Day 23] Beauty Essentials Every Girl Should Have

30 days beauty blogger challenge beauty makeup skincare roundup

At times choosing beauty and makeup products can be overwhelming, but do we actually need all those products on the market? Luckily, the answer is no! Today I'm going to share with you few basic beauty must-haves every girl is going to use in her beauty routine, without spending all of her budget on unnecessary products. Who needs to pay for expensive face mask, when at home avocado mask is just as good?

[Day 22] Taylor Swift - End Game | Celebrity Makeup Tutorial

get the look taylor swift makeup step by step tutorial hair

Hi everyone, are you ready for 22th day of my challenge? Today we are going to try out Taylor Swift's makeup look from one of her latest music video 'End Game'. Basically, her makeup is a glammed up everyday look with some cat eyeliner and posh lips. All you need for this makeup is a deep red lipstick, liquid or cream eyeliner and a very basic contouring palette. You can use cream contouring palette or powder contouring, whatever technique you like more. I'm not trying to look like Taylor, just want to recreate the gorgeous makeup look she is wearing in her music video.