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Lingerie Essentials: Top 10 Must-Have Undergarments for Ladies

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Hi everyone! Today we are going to continue our back to basics journey and clear out one of the most important spaces in women's closet - a lingerie drawer. It is time to get rid of all uncomfortable, aged and simply wrong lingerie you own and treat yourself and your wardrobe with some brand new lingerie basics every lady should own. Remember that comfortable and high-quality undergarments can make your day better!

All About Basic Closet Must-Haves

liz breygel basic fashion must haves wardrobe closet items

Few days ago me and my husband decided to buy a new bigger wardrobe, because we plan to do a little makeover in the bedroom. New wardrobe is perfect excuse to reconsider your current wardrobe and fashion style, especially if you want to improve it. I have complicated relationship with fashion, mostly because I don't think I have a good fashion taste.

Cute Back To School Outfit 2017 Ideas

New school year demands a great first impression. Comfortable and stylish outfit can easily cope with this task, especially if you follow the rule - true genius lies in simplicity. Today I have prepared three different back to school outfits, styled around my all time favorite sneakers. All three looks are inspired by gorgeous Korean lookbook pictures and gathered with a help of Rosegal fashion store. So stay tuned in case you need some fresh back to school ideas!

Squiggly Eyebrows Easy Makeup Tutorial

liz breygel makeup tutorial trend Squiggly Eyebrows wavy brows gothic makeup

Squiggly eyebrows makeup trend captivated my Instagram and Facebook timeline. Every makeup junkie making their brows into weird waves, curls and frizzles. Of course I could not pass by this trend and tried it squiggly eyebrows myself. Love it or hate it, but here are few easy steps that will help you to get your very own wavy eyebrow. 

liz breygel makeup tutorial trend Squiggly Eyebrows wavy brows gothic makeup

1. Start your Squiggly eyebrows makeup with an eyeshadow primer, apply it all over your eyelid and blend it with a help of your ring finger. You can also apply primer directly on your eyebrows if you have very thin hairs. Eyeshadow primer will secure your eyebrow makeup and will make it last longer. 

2. Now it is time to fill in the inner half of the eyebrow, till the arch. I like to use eyebrow pencil, but you can try matte eyeshadow or brow pomade. Brush through the hairs with a special eyebrow brush and use some concealer to clean up the edges.

3. Now it is a time to sketch the future 'wave' of the eyebrow. Use sharpened matte pencil and start to create wavy shape for the tail of your eyebrow. Don't worry about the mess and uneven edges, you will clean it a little bit later.

4. To make the edges of the eyebrow wave neat and clear apply liquid eyeliner with a help of synthetic eyeliner brush. Fill in the shape of the wave with pencil or eyeshadow and brush the hairs once again.

5. Finish squiggly eyebrows makeup by cleaning up the edges of the wave. You can use concealer and a tiny synthetic brush to make the edges clean. To complete the look draw a beautiful bold wing and apply some false lashes. 

Would you try out the squiggly eyebrows makeup yourself? I had so much fun creating this makeup, but I don't think I would be brave enough to wear it on a daily basis. On my opinion the wavy eyebrow trend has a right to exist! Want to learn how to easily fill in your eyebrows in two minutes? Check out my video tutorial and learn how to get Natural Looking Instagram Eyebrows. I'll talk to you very soon again, until the next time ♥

Lots of love,
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